The MMORPG MIR4 (Steam) has many players, but also a serious bot problem. More than 100,000 accounts have already been punished. Show bite comments Already: Does that matter who or are there only bots?

This is the special feature with me4: The MMORPG offers a way to make real money to. For this you have to reduce a certain ore in the game, it can convert this into a crypto currency and sell it for real money. This is word word Crypto mining.

This causes me to have many very active players and became one of the largest MMORPGs on Steam. At the moment, it is actually the biggest.

But it seems that many players do not even play themselves, but let a bot perform the monotonous work to reduce the ore.

103,000 accounts with restrictions occupied

This tells me4 itself : In a message on September 23, the developers say that 103,930 accounts with restrictions have been considered because they used unauthorized programs .

It is then called a zero-tolerance policy against using programs or any changes to the data that causes exploits.

How many players are in relation? If the 103,000 accounts that were punished at the same time in a MMORPG, then that would be immediately the largest MMORPG of all time on Steam.

The record number for simultaneous players in an MMORPG is 76,337. So many had Bless Unleashed times.

The 103,000 accounts are also 4 times more people than me4 now as well as active players (27.770).

3 weeks ago I was even in place 2 of all MMOS.

Hundreds of disorder teleporting bots

That s the discussion : Although Mir4 turns out to tackle so hard against Botter, many say many in the MMORPG only so from bots. Apparently, the bots are mainly busy to farm the ore that can be made for money.

A user says:

There are hundreds of disgusting, teleporting bots – and all mines.

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Zaddy, comment at Steam

If the developers only turn to an account and ran through the territories, they could easily see hundreds of bots, teleporting the game through the map.

A user even asks: I did not know that someone really plays the game?

Apparently, a game is to play for money making, then to such problems.

Also in other MMORPGs bots are a serious problem:

Wow: A player finds the greatest bot farm throughout the game