In FIFA 22 , many skill sets and tactics are available to you, one of the most commonly used players is the Fake Shot Move, the opponent raises when it is used efficiently. Below you will find a detailed instructions for the possible variations of fake shots.

How to pretend a shot

The dummy shot trial is one of the easiest maneuvers when playing FIFA 22. As a basic ability, everyone can perform on the playing field. Simply record a recording as usual with the recording button, but then drag your thumb down in the direction of the X / A button on your controller. If you press both keys in a movement of the thumb, your player should attack the ball, but hesitate. Showing the left stick in the desired direction see whoever check them to move to this goal after fake. Pressing the left bumper also stops the swing of the ball and holds it at her feet.

When should you use it?

A fake shot is often helpful on every part of the football field. Of strollers who cut their shoulder to better go to the gate, to defend to defend and even goalkeepers they use to escape a highly urgent opponent. The best use of this technique is with a high dribbling / pace player, which usually attacks wing players or striker. In addition, if the player is known for his high skills, in most cases he will perform the falsification with flair, which gives them the small window of the opportunity to beat a flank or shoot them on the gate. For defenders, the use of a wrong shot is a risky choice. However, if it is used by a fast / strong internal chest, it can easily get you from the danger zone. That s all you need to know if you run the Skill Move Fake Shot .

FIFA 22 appears on October 1 for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.