How To Get Your FREE Twitch Prime Rewards In GTA 5 Online - Properties, Vehicles, Bonus Cash & MORE!
It is not surprising that the first Amazon Games MMORPG present exclusive content for Amazon Prime subscribers. If you want to gain great aspects, emoticons and other benefits for your adventure through aeternum, here you have How to get Twitch Prime rewards in New World.

How to get Twitch Prime rewards in the New World

The process is really simple. All you have to do is subscribe to Twitch Prime and then follow the link on this page to activate the first level of reward (Pirate Pack 1). From there, it will provide instructions on how to link your Steam and Amazon account.

If you are not yet a PRIME member, keep in mind that you can try the subscription service for free for 30 days. Remember to cancel it before the test ends if you do not want to continue.

Once your two accounts are linked, you can claim the rewards of your pirate package by checking your game inventory (TAB key). Remember that the masks are equipped by clicking on an item and then selecting the option «Change mask».

So far, only the first two levels of content are listed; Between September 28 and November 1, you can get an exclusive pirate character design, a gesture of pirate posture of 5000 fortune brands (game currency), and between October 12 and November 1, you can get A pirate sword design. – Throat Emote Pack of three badges. There are seven launches scheduled until mid-December, and we are sure that they will continue until the new year.

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