The South Korean Netflix series SQUID GAME is currently booking incredible successes around the world. The mix of children s games and fatal battle royal coupled with social and capitalism criticism could beat numerous spectators in their spell and was already in 1st place in Netflix ranking in more than 90 countries.

The fascination of SQUID GAME also spills the world of video games over. Roblox developers have not only implemented their own version of the series into the game, but also gambled players with matching codes also in-game cash. Roblox is not the only video game that is influenced by the performance series. Another fan has made the trouble to follow the first episode of Squid Game at Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing X Squid Game: A deadly game

The focus is not only the first encounter of the participants, but also the first, brutal game. Red light, green light is called that known as who is afraid of the evil man . A person is at the finish line and says the name of the game before turning around. The players have to reach the finish line, but may only move if the welcoming person does not look. Who is fiddling and caught, is out.

Youtuber Mellow Diary has done whole work especially with backdrops and costumes. All inhabitants on his Animal Crossing island are in the striking green jogging suits from Squid Game and also the bedroom with his iron beds as well as the Spielabena with his cornfield wallpaper imitate the series perfectly.

While the guardian is a mechanical girl doll in Squid Game, a player in matching costume is in the role to watch that all hold on the rules. Of course, the Animal Crossing version is significantly less bloody than the series. If one of the inhabitants is eliminated, he is not shot brutally, but is smiling at a blanket. Even with other effects, Mellow Diary has dragged something, but the implementation of the series in the Knuffy context of Animal Crossing is still very successful.

If your SQUID GAME already looked, you will gladly tell us your opinion in the comments!

Source: Mellow Diary on YouTube

From Jonas Höger
10.10.2021 at 11:35