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With All Out Warfare and Portal, developer DICE has already introduced two of the three gameplay columns on which Battlefield 2042 will be present. With Hazard Zone you are using elements from Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown – but it will not be so hardcore .

There is no Battle Royale, Dice assured more than once in relation to Hazard Zone , the third game mode of Battlefield 2042 . In fact, Hazard is not about being alive as the last team, but as the first (or second) team from mining. The basic concept may know from Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown Solo player teams browse a map to Loot or special objects and try to escape from the map with them. Hazard Zone follows this concept, but in Battlefield style.

Battlefield 2042: How works Hazard Zone

Let s start with a few facts to the playful setting of Hazard Zone:

Is played in foursome teams (squads)
Xbox One and PS4: 24 playing per round
Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PC: 32 playing per round
Squads consist of the well-known specialists, per squad can only give one per specialist
Hazard Zone is played on all seven well-known maps from All-out Warfare
The Tornados can also be in Hazard Zone

In Hazard Zone, the squads hard drives from crashed satellites troubles and escape with them. In addition to the other squads, Ki opponents try to hold up the hard drives and escape from the map. For the exfiltration, there are only two occasions per match , one in the middle and a towards the end of the round. So maximum two teams (or no) can win a round .

Each hard drive with which it escapes is converted into Dark Market Credits and experience points. With the credits you can buy weapons, equipment and tactical upgrades for your next round. As with Escape from Tarkov you lose your entire equipment if you die. After you have gone to the ground, team members can revive you.

For launch it will give it 15 tactical upgrades to buy. These include, for example, a loadOut insurance by which you returned half of your credits to death or a unique re-entry for a killed team member.

So runs a round in Hazard Zone

At the start of a round, each team member selects a specialist, creates its own equipment and outputs the Dark Market Credits. Landed on the map begins the search for the hard drives, which is why a team member should have a Intel Scanner . This indicates where the next satellite will go to ground. Then it s time to collect hard drives and fight against Ki opponents and other squads.

A team must then decide if it tries to reach and defend the first pickup point or whether it is waiting for the second possibility. The last time window for a pickup opens something after ten to twelve minutes . Incidentally, only one squad has to create a living and all are rewarded.

While Hazard Zone with Squad-based Gameplay wants to test your skills, you can let off steam in portal:


Battlefield 2042: New mode becomes a colorful adventure playground

Daniel Hartmann

The basis of Hazard Zone is therefore fundamentally known by Escape from Tarkov, even if the Battlefield variant is not quite as complex and difficult. As the whole thing plays then, you can expect early access access from 12 November 2021. The global release of Battlefield 2042 is planned for November 192021.