Following numerous teases and also some leaks, EA and DICE have now formally announced Battlefield 2042 s Hazard Zone mode, and it is not a fight royale (but likewise it sort of is).

Battlefield 2042 | Hazard Zone Official Trailer

In Hazard Zone, you play in a four-member squad as well as your objective is to neighborhood and also retrieve information drives that have actually dropped from satellites. You ll comb the landscape for these drives as you deal with versus AI fighters and various other teams of human gamers attempting to do the very same thing.

DICE claims Hazard Zone is not a battle royale mode, as the purpose is not purely to eliminate other gamers however to run away with as several drives as feasible.

There are two time-limited removal possibilities during the suit, and also the removal factors are located on various components of the map. You as well as your group can decide to leave throughout the initial removal, which occurs mid-way via the suit, or wait until completion for the last extraction. It s riskier to wait, however you also have more time to gather drives, so the rewards will be higher. Nevertheless, just 2 squads will make it out to life– or none.

Hazard Zone supports 24 players on PS4 as well as Xbox One and 32 players on PS5/Xbox Series X|S and PC, so that works out to six groups of four as well as 8 groups of 4 depending upon the platform. Regardless of what, just one player on a team needs to survive as well as draw out for the whole team to win.

Hazard Zone has a meta-game component, too. Drives have worths assigned to them, as well as collecting the drives offers you accessibility to Hazard Zone-specific money, called Dark Market Credit scores. These credit ratings can be spent to get tools, gadgets, and also upgrades prior to suits.

Hazard Zone uses all 7 maps from Battleground 2042 s All-Out War mode, as well as an additional point to note is that each team can not have greater than one of the same expert personality. Additionally, gamers who are eliminated can be revived right into the suit via a restore system your team can purchase.

This just scrapes the surface of what Hazard Zone is all around. Be sure to read DICE s full article to find out great deals more concerning Hazard Zone.

Hazard Zone is the 3rd column of Battleground 2042 s multiplayer-only framework, the various other two components being All-Out Warfare and the map-making collection Site. Adhering to a hold-up, Battlefield 2042 launches on November 19. For more, have a look at some statistics from the 2042 open beta.