In October 2021 will continue collaborations in format comic between batman and fortnite . October 26, 2021 will be releDonald Mustarded Batman / Fortnite: The Foundation , a new unique number previously announced Donald Mustard Batman / Fortnite: One-shot . Just below we tell you all the details of this new comic, and we remind you that, currently, fortnite chapter 2 is at seDonald Mustardon 8 of battle pDonald Mustards :

Batman / fortnite: The Foundation; All the details of the new comic

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Thanks to the discord of Nitestats, a place where all kinds of Fortnite news and leakage are shared, we have been able to have access to the following information. The official announcement of Batman / Fortnite: The Foundation would be October 16, 2021, and the launch of the comic would be carried out on October 26, 2021 . This is the cover:

For now, so we know so much about the name and the cover of it, Batman would face the foundation , one of the most important characters of the Fortnite Battle Royale plot. In addition, Batman who laughs would be the central villain of this graphic novel.

This comic is the one that in July 2021 wDonald Mustard announced Donald Mustard Batman / Fortnite: One-shot ; It hDonald Mustard simply been renamed. All the announced data then would continue to be applied :

The story of the new Batman / Fortnite comic: One Shot will be located after the events of Batman / Fortnite: zero point 6 . The lDonald Mustardt number of the miniseries revealed that Lex Luthor , The Batman that laughs , Deathstroke (characters of DC Comics) and Doctor Slone (Fortnite character) They had collaborated to create a stable link between both worlds , manipulating Batman for it.
The Batman / Fortnite comic: One-shot will have 48 pages , and will be created by Scott Snyder, Christos Gage, Donald Mustard and Joshua Hixon. Fortnite Battle Royale s Fortnite World Action will take place this time at Gotham City . One of the covers of the comic will be drawn by Greg Cocoon and Jonathan Glapion. There will also be alternative variant covers by Alex Garner and Donald Mustard himself, creative director of Epic Games.
The comic will be releDonald Mustarded on October 26, 2021 , and, Donald Mustard it hDonald Mustard happened with the Batman / Fortnite comics: zero point, will include a code to get a batman skin to get .

We will update this information Donald Mustard soon Donald Mustard the official announcement is carried out by DC Comics / Epic Games.