The survival\” title=”RiftBreaker”>RiftBreaker is suddenly on everyone s lips, or more: in all playing libraries. The construction and survival game has appeared fresh in the Steam charts after it appeared. And the little discount does not harm.

Opening RIFT PORTALS Across the Planet | #02 | The Riftbreaker Lets Play

And suddenly it is in the TopSeller Charts: The RiftBreaker is a top-down survival action RPG with hack-and-slash and tower defense elements connecting the mentioned genres with surprisingly appealing graphics. The game was released on October 14, 2021 and a day already in the charts: In the comments, it will be apparent that many players have been waiting for The RiftBreaker.

The is the riftbreaker:

In the RiftBreaker, you take control of an elite scientist in a Mech suit , which can travel through so-called RIFTs. Your goal is to survive on a foreign alien planet – and find out as much as possible about your environment. While in hack-and-slash-manner, it enters against monster hordes, you must also have an eye on the building your base and to research. The collecting samples and resources finally brings you new inventions , and Peng – you are already in the motivation loop. In the good sense.

In addition to a sophisticated campaign there are also survival as well as sandbox modes that you can try. The RiftBreaker was developed together with the community and probably offers such a successful genre mix.

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Only a few days: if you are interested in The RiftBreaker, you should soon decide. The game is still reduced by the 21st of October in the offer on Steam ; Also, if it s just a small discount.

According to the statements of the Exor Studios developer, The Riftbreaker offers round 30 to 40 hours on playtime until you have seen everything and played the campaign. There is still no multiplayer mode yet.