Oberliga Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar South

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Mainly it is about the two-part Oberliga Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar to collect in the rise round. However, since all points are taken in as well as the relegation round, the 2: 1 success of the Wormatia Worms is of great importance to FC Hertha Wiesbach. After five minutes, the ball arrived after a throw on the foot of Joachims, which completed the leadership. Marriage gradually becoming more expectant Wiesbacher, the ball lay again in the box, this time after a header of Darkaoui (20th). Worms, then, focused on counter on the counter, the backwards against a part of a smaller FC Hertha held up to the final minute, as Piontek shortened with a placed shot.

Worms stands before the Monday game between the FC 09 Speyer and Tus Mechtersheim thus 13 points in place. Nine Points Leap on the first of six relegation round places has the FV 1920 Dudenhofen, who defeated the SV Röchling Völklingen with 4: 2 in a fun game. Neuner broke the spell five minutes before the break, but in which it was undecided, because Völklingen s Saks just before the cabin reached the 1: 1. With the bolt of NOWAK (52.) and Styblo (55th), the game tipped on the domestic side, in minute 77 styblo even increased. The 2: 4 by Zimmermann was no longer as a result cosmetics in the 82nd minute.

The FV 07 dieflen gave against Arminia Ludwigshafen the secure victory from the hands, led to goals of twice Poss (26./50.) And Haase (67th) already 3: 0, before the guests depicted a fulminant comeback. Thum also met twice (78./83.), Marriage of Herchenhan s transformed trademeter in the 86th minute for long faces at home fans.

Closer to the top six slipped the second team of SV Elversberg. At the formerly equal FSV Viktoria Jägersburg, the double pack of Lauer in the minutes 27 and 41 made the rash, Pommerenkes goal two minutes before the end came too late.

At the TSG Pfeddersheim, the doors had to stay on Saturday, the game against FV Eppelborn was canceled. In addition to some injured, an influenza and cold shaft has now thinned out the team. With Corona, this has nothing to do according to TSG, but therefore, as far as large parts of the team and the caregiver rod were vaccinated.

On Monday, the final light FC 09 Speyer and the Tus Mechtersheim play against each other. The FCS absolutely needs a victory if he wants to squint six with an eye on six place, the TUS can jump in the half of the table in the derby.