The Ghost Recon franchise has returned the week in the form of Ghost Recon Frontline, a free-to-play based on the principle of the Royal Battle entrusted to Ubisoft Bucharest. An ad not so amazing when we know that Ubisoft, who has already announced The Heartland Division without showing it, intends to decline most of its big free-to-play franchises.

Ghost Recon Frontline - Full Announcement Video

And even if it is not developed by Ubisoft Paris, the Ghost Principal Ghost Team, the franchise fans community has decided to make Ubisoft Bucharest s new proposal, to the point that the presentation video From the game lies more than 19,000 I do not like against 5,000 I like on YouTube. Many players believe, for example, that the game lorks on Call of Duty and Fortnite instead of respecting its tactical roots and that the landscape of the Royal Battle is saturated.

In front of such an open and warm welcome, Ubisoft has published a statement in which he announces the postponement of the first closed test that was to take place from 14 to 21 October, only on PC and only in Europe. The development team is determined to create the best experience possible. We will share details on the new test date as soon as possible. Thank you for your continuous support , can we read.