The best-selling game of Capcom is still a monster regarding this section. The above we say it because Monster Hunter: World has already managed to sell more than 20 million copies around the world, a figure that is certainly impressive. In August 2020, the Publisher Japanese mentioned that World Levaba 16 million units sold, so the game managed to sell four million additional ones in just over a year.

Through an official statement, Capcom reiterated the importance of digital sales, as well as World WORLD launch:

In recent years, the digital sales promotion of Capcom has allowed it to achieve global and long-term sales of its most important titles. With the launch of Monster Hunter: World in 2018, Capcom managed to promote the Monster Hunter saga globally, this in conjunction with international promotional activities, thus establishing the game as the best-selling in the history of Capcom to a month of his Departure and the many acknowledgments that you have obtained around the world.

There is no doubt that Monster Hunter: World Searer remembered for many years as one of the best RPG of action out there. Certainly it will be interesting to know what the future holds it to the franchise, and with all the power of the new consoles, surely Capcom will not disappoint.

Editor s note: Although Monster Hunter may not be the most recognized franchise of Capcom , it is definitely one that sells pretty well. Monster Hunter Rise has also had very good sales, and although personally I have never been a fan of these games, I can understand the attraction offered by the players.

Via: Capcom