An idolizer (アイドル, aidoru) is a sort of artist marketed for photo, attractiveness, and character in Japanese pop society. Idols are largely vocalists with training in acting, dance, and modeling. Idols are advertised via goods and endorsements by talent companies, while keeping a parasocial connection with a monetarily faithful consumer follower base.
Japan s idolizer market first arised in the 1960s and became noticeable in the 1970s and 1980s due to television. Throughout the 1980s, considered as the Golden Era of Idols , idols attracted business passion and also started showing up in commercials and also tv dramatization. As more niche markets began to show up in the late 2000s and early 2010s, it led to a significant growth in the market referred to as the Idolizer Warring Period. Today, over 10,000 teen girls in Japan are idols, with over 3,000 groups active. Japan s idolizer market has been used as a design for various other pop idolizer industries, such as K-pop.
Sub-categories of idols include gravure idols, jr idols, internet idols, idol voice stars, virtual idols, AV idols, Akiba-kei idols, local idols, and Japanese-Korean idols.

A new batch of NBA 2K21 MyTeam Cards fell on October 2nd, and these items are part of the Idols promotion: Season 1. The new promo is delivered with a multitude of cards, as well as new packs and lots. Here are all the details you need to know about Idols promotion, as well as the cards we recommend.

promo idols

The new promotion includes adding a new pack, the Idols Series Pack 1: Dominque Wilkins. The pack includes a guaranteed player, four random objects and a chance to shoot Dominque Wilkins Idols. The pack costs 7500 vc / 10500 mt, and players also have the option to buy a pack of 10 for 67500 vc, or a pack of 20 for 135000 vc. These packs will be available in the Myteam store until October 9th.

The promotion includes the return of several former NBA players in 2k21, including the former jazz game leader Deron Williams. Here is the new Idols card, plus a general overview of each:

Eric Gordon (89 OVR)

Michael Cooper (90 OVR)

Willis Reed (91 OVR)

Giannis AntetoKounmpo (93 OVR)


Dominique Wilkins (95 OVR)

What cards should you target?

If you have the VC or MT to get Dominque Wilkins, do it. The 95 OVR Idols Map of Wilkins has fantastic interior scores (A +) and midrange (A +), as well as solid shots behind the bow. The defensive attributes of the NBA legend are not too bad either, making it an excellent two-way player in Myteam. In addition, Deron Williams and Giannis AntetoKounmpo are both solid because both have excellent shooting notes and should not have a problem for buckets.

With regard to other cards, Gordon, Cooper and Reed are not bad pickups, but beware of the three. This sounds especially true with Cooper and Reed, because their athletic attributes are not the best.