A game is an organized kind of play, generally taken on for amusement or fun, and also sometimes made use of as an educational device. Gamings stand out from work, which is usually executed for compensation, as well as from art, which is more frequently an expression of aesthetic or ideological aspects. Nonetheless, the difference is not specific, as well as many games are also thought about to be work (such as professional gamers of viewer sports or games) or art (such as jigsaw puzzles or games including a creative layout such as Mahjong, jewelry, or some computer game).
Games are sometimes played totally for satisfaction, in some cases for accomplishment or reward too. They can be played alone, in teams, or online; by novices or by professionals. The gamers may have an audience of non-players, such as when people are delighted by seeing a chess championship. On the other hand, players in a game might comprise their very own target market as they take their turn to play. Commonly, part of the home entertainment for youngsters playing a game is deciding that becomes part of their target market and also that is a player. A plaything as well as a game are not the exact same. Toys usually permit unrestricted play whereas video games included present regulations.
Secret parts of video games are goals, rules, difficulty, as well as interaction. Games normally involve psychological or physical excitement, and also typically both. Lots of video games assist create sensible abilities, function as a form of exercise, or otherwise perform an academic, simulational, or psychological duty.
Confirmed as early as 2600 BC, video games are a global part of human experience and also present in all societies. The Royal Game of Ur, Senet, and also Mancala are several of the earliest recognized games.

The RiftBreaker Mix up building strategy, survival and hack and slay as well as we have never experienced it.

The Riftbreaker has taken care of a few months ago with his demo for a stir, which appeared in the course of a Steam Game Fest (and who can also download and play them on Steam). With its exciting genre cut, the indie title of exor studios immediately aroused our interest. We could make it easy for us to easily write and just write: is great, looks great, looks out! But given the quite unique concept (and because we do not want to say, we are writing), we introduce you to the Riftbreaker in the test then in detail and explain why it s one of the surprise hits of the year.

Story is a minor matter

If you tell good and bad news, you should always announce the bad. That s why we start at this point with one aspect in which The Riftbreaker does not convince us: the story. The premise of the game is simple: the elite scientist Captain Ashley S. Nowak, nickname Riftbreaker , receives the order to prepare the far from the earth away planets GalaTea 37 for colonization. All alone, it is sent to the celestial bodies at the outermost edge of the Milky Way to build a base to explore the area and ultimately to meet the necessary arrangements, so on the one hand she can travel back to the earth and other people to GalaTea 37 .

Well, completely set alone, Ashley is not, she has her Mecha suit Mr. Riggs with him. It puts in it all the time in it to be accurate. Mr. Riggs is not just a suit, but has an artificial intelligence. He and Ashley talk to each other again and again, which reminds of the dialogues from titanium 2 between the main character and his titanium. Those conversations are solidly written, but rather placed mediocre (there is only one English language issue) and the only story element that works halfway. An exciting plot does not offer The Riftbreaker.

Now you could say, Hey, does not matter! Is just a game that focuses on his gameplay. Yes, you did not have wrong. The RiftBreaker belongs in this regard in the same corner pushed as a factorio, satisfactory or dyson Sphere program (and does not suit playful bonds of those titles). They do not tell large stories and still shackles a number of players for hundreds of hours to the screen. Therefore, we do not want to ask the Riftbreaker so much that it has little to offer. The story is probably really designed only as a hanger for many hours of fun gameplay, which is why we can be able to arrange well with your leanness.

Researcher and builder

So we come to the most important aspect: the game mechanics, which is more complex than in such a AAA blockbusters – and also less mistakes makes themselves as some of these great productions. That this is a mix of construction, survival and action roleplaying, we have already mentioned in the beginning. You can imagine that: Exor has fattered Factorio, a survival strategy game such as they are trillions and Diablo in a pot, stirred vigorously and then poured into a beautiful shape.

Let s go through the individual components by piece by piece and start with the base construction. This is very reminiscent of classic real-time strategy games. It is built a headquarters, factories that reduce raw materials and switches more and more buildings to a truly extensive research system that open up more options. Sufficient supply of resources and electricity is enormous. Almost every device consumes energy and must also be connected to the general mains. The latter is simple: her simply places energy connectors, the lines embody themselves from themselves. In addition, the buildings themselves continue to pass the power. So if you build them close to densely, you can save the connectors at the point.

What kind of electricity can it be?

Nevertheless, it is not necessarily a simple task of always ensuring enough energy. Some buildings have a particularly high consumption and your power sources do not always supply. At the beginning, for example, you have three ways to generate energy: by wind power, solar systems or carbonium power plant. The latter generates electricity from the name-based raw material and is more effective than the other systems, but you need the carbonium also for the expansion of your base and the occurrences are not infinitely large. In contrast, wind and sun are no energy sources that occur at some point. However, a single wind turbine provides quite little power, while the solar panels logically only bring something to the day.

The clever on the electricity system in The RiftBreaker: You can save energy like all other resources. You build – who would have thought – energy storage. The more surplus you have, the better, because you are prepared for bad times. But you have to be careful to always save enough. If about a storm sweeps over the planet, so your wind turbines are extremely quickly turning and incredibly much energy producing your store is already fully full, annoys you that you just produce a lot of electricity for nothing.

The storage of energy is also so important later, because then you can then win energy from plant and animal biomass. First of all, you still have to go for yourself and destroy the flora of Galatea 37 man. Although this can be done well by the way, but you are not always time for the forest, which is why it s good if your power supply is great. By releasing a cultivator and a harvesting on the research, you later receive the ability to automatically grow plants and harvest.

constantly something new

To explain the base construction here in detail, would blow up the frame, but let s say: the whole thing is easy to learn, but hard to master and pleasant complex. Just like in an anno or just the factory built in the factory built above, such as Factorio, it is tremendously motivating to release new resources for degradation, which in turn open up new construction options or make electricity production more effectively. Good advance planning is the key to success. For example, anyone who does not even considers that he later has to build pipelines to transport fluids from A to B, could be forced to restructure them, depending on how to build their own base.

Hey, PC player: Stay away from the Gamepad!

Ashley or better MR. Riggs controls you directly – either with mouse and keyboard or gamepad. You might think that the latter is the better option because the title has bonds from Twin Stick Shooters, but the operation with the PC-typical input devices exor studios has succeeded very well. The mouse turns her Mr. Riggs, aims and performs attacks while running W , A , S and D . If your former pushes button, you do not run forward, but always towards the north, S always leads you south, the other two buttons west or east. After a short acclimatization, the super man goes from the hand so that you do not see any reason to grab the controller. In addition, the construction of your foundation is definitely better with the mouse. Placing buildings with the analog sticks is very hokely. Yes, it goes halfway (if you have a lot of patience), but PC players should not only deal.

Mr. Riggs and its versatile arms

If you are not busy in the RiftBreaker with the construction, you explore the very extensive areas. There is no way to discover much interesting, but expeditions in the wild are worthwhile. On the one hand, you will find such further raw materials, on the other special organic structures. If you explore that, your new technologies and thus skills and upgrades for Mr. Riggs shuts off. The Mecha suit can be properly modified in the gameplay. The RiftBreaker offers a variety of near and ranged weapons, from which you can attach up to six to the two arms (at the touch of a button, you then change between each three pieces for each arm). In addition, there are motion capabilities such as jumps or precursor maneuvers, of which you can only equip one, as well as other skills and consumables, including atomic (!) Mines. In addition, mods can still be installed to improve the properties of the weapons.

The Loot spiral is not as excessive as in Diablo, but there are more than enough room for improvement for the mech, which motivates enormously. And mostly, it is still really fun to use the whole killing tools against the fauna of GalaTea 37, which usually gets you in big swarms. Since the really nice in individual parts decay, when you fired with machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher and CO on them or swords, hammer and energy trunk, the fighting is a bright joy. In addition, the whole thing is not a simple slaughter, as there are many different alien species. The one race just on you and try to hurt you with your prank, others rely on distancing attacks. The beasts are also partly more susceptible to certain weapons, where they must first explore them until the database asks the corresponding info. And with explore is of course meant that you slaughter the creatures in droves.

Only a dead bug is a good bug

But you do not necessarily come to the monsters who also like to come to you. As in Factorio, the aliens are regularly attacking your basis. You will receive a warning beforehand and then have a few minutes to prepare you on the attack – or you go bravely the Biestern and gets away from your walls far outside of your walls. But even if the preferred tactic is, you should worry about a good defensive. Walls are part of it, towers another.

Although the RiftBreaker does not mutate a tower defense game, but the basic defense is very much reminiscent of they are trillions and similar titles – even because of the large masses of aliens, which flood the screen. If the attacks happen too often on the normal degrees of difficulty, we recommend that you play on easy . Even then The Riftbreaker is not a walk and there is still enough action, but you will not be constantly pressing pressurized.

A planet can not explore one evening

In addition to the prologue, which serves as a kind of tutorial and introduces you to the basic features of the game mechanics, The RiftBreaker offers a great campaign and a survival mode that employs you after completing the story for many more hours and calling for a particularly strong. The campaign extends over several biomes. You start in the tropical zone where you build your main base. After you have built the planet scanner, you can explore other regions that represent their own cards, where their outpost is built. All your bases share a resource pool.

The different biomes provide abundant variety. On the one hand, you are home to all your own alien species, on the other, you bums for expeditions in unknown territory to new resources. The biomes also bring their own challenges beyond the fauna. For example, the radioactive desert does not mean. If you come to close the green crystals there, that s not healthy for you. And in the volcano offered – what a surprise – a lot of lava awaits you. There you can initially build only in certain places where there are special plants that provide cooling. In other places it is simply too hot. Such elements ensure combination with the motivating progression and fun base construction as well as fight for a continuously captivating campaign and despite lean story.

graphics for bite

That The RiftBreaker is an indie game, you can hardly look at him optically. Exor Studios even uses a specially crafted engine for this. And that can be a lot. It may be that the models of buildings and creatures are not necessarily groundbreaking pretty, but they are sufficiently detailed. In addition, everything is animated liquid. The optical highlights of The RiftBreaker include the chic light and particle effects in addition to the large opponents. The game even supports raytracing for shadows and environmental coverage, causing a lot. In addition, the game world looks very lively because everywhere harmless tickets cruise and fleet and trees, bushes and grass weigh in the wind. And then the game is still really clean. Performance problems or other technical inadequacies have not come to us, but we also played it on a PC with RTX 3080 Ti and an I7 11700K.

The Riftbreaker, la Relève en Base Building & Survie !

In terms of sound, The Riftbreaker also makes a good figure. The music is nothing special, but the electronic sounds fit well with sci-fi setting. The speakers deliver, as already mentioned, only an average performance, but all sound effects are really strong. The weapons sound so powerful, as we wish that from every ego shooter, and the fauna also transports not only visually, but also acoustically very well transported.


We already thought about the demo that The RiftBreaker has the stuff to become the next Indie Darling, which is praised on Steam in the highest tones and captivates player all nights on the screen. The full version has only confirmed that. Here all the game elements grab together miraculously, as is not often the case with such complex titles. Yes, The RiftBreaker is a game-design masterpiece. There is still more effective pictures on the monitor, is extensive, pleasant demanding and costs just 30 euros (or you have the Xbox Game Pass, then you do not have anything extra numbers). Clear who expects a thrilling story from games is not served here. But you are solely about great gameplay and you can at least start with two of the three genres that start in The Riftbreaker, what to do, you should not miss this gem.

The RiftBreaker


Perfectly interlocking mechanics

Extensive construction part

Motivating progression


Chic graphic

Large campaign with several bioden

Pleasantly challenging

Very good mouse / keyboard control


Basen construction with controller Frickelig


4.5 / 5 stars

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