The Hunting Act 2004 is a law of the United Kingdom Parliament voted in 2004. This law has the effect of prohibiting traditional hunting activities in England and Wales from October 18, 2018. This law is voted two years after a similar law of the Scottish Parliament.

Capcom has started the new event quest Thunder God Recurrence delivery at the Hunting ACT Monster Hunter Chanterize for Nintendose Switches from October 22nd.

Thunder God's Gifts 200 Smashes | Is it Worth it | Castle Clash

Naruha Tatahime is the main monster of Monhan Rise that appears with Ibushima Chico . On October 15, the delivery quest will be delivered, and it will appear in the following way. Participation conditions will be more stronger with HR8 and Ryugu Fort Sails and defeat Naru Hatatahime.

Each event quest can be received from the meeting place quest counter event quest by receiving the menu additional content in the mail in the village of Kamura. Since the event quest held, the event quest has no time limit, so you can play it even offline even if you download it once.