ios / Android Monster Hunter Riders (MH-R) released the winter roadmap 2021-2022.

iOS / Android Monster Hunter Riders (MH-R) released the 2021-20122 winter roadmap.

Various monsters will appear, so please expect it by all means!

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2021-2022 Winter Road Map

[November 24: defeat war]

[November 24: Ryu natural disaster] (intermediate level is early December)
Blue Main Lisex

[Early December: Tower of Dreams]
Tigarex rare species

[Late December: defeat war]

[Late December: Ryu natural disaster] (intermediate level is mid January 2022)
Staring Buddy Dinobaldo

[Late January 2022: defeat war]
Basal moss

[Late January 2022: Ryu natural disaster]
Ginkgo Gumto

In addition to the above, various events will continue to add new riders and stories, and the Gemba Tournament.

During intensive to be enjoyed by the players! Rider, foster Otomon and prepare for new monsters coming!

that s all

Overview of Monster Hunter Riders

The latest apps of Monster Hunter Series appear as authentic RPG!

The stage of the story is a Ferdian continent that people and monsters coexist. Monthan familiar monsters, collect and grow their individualistic riders, combine, organize their own party and challenge the quest!

Sakuzaku Gotable Tempo × Dried skill production adopts a refreshing command battle!

Direct monsters and riders, hold the mystery of the black riders to shake the peace of the Ferdian continent!

Cooperative play content Tower of the Dreaming Tower is finally banned in 1st Anniversary Large Update !

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