The Anderson Barracks (APO 09332) was from 1953 to the end of 2009 a barracks of the US forces near the Rheinhessian local community Dexheim. The approximately 75 hectares of barracks with residential, supply and administrative buildings as well as sports and military facilities is located on the urban area of Nierstein (Schwabsburg) at the Bundessstraße 420 between Dexheim and Knagenheim. Since 2010, the Federal Institute for Real Estate Tasks (BIMA) is owner.

The Premier League announced a week ago that 68 percent of their professionals were twice, 81 percent at least once. In the Bundesliga, the values ​​are apparently higher.

On Tuesday, the DFL informed that the vaccination rate among the players, coaches and carers of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga at more than 90 percent. Data foundation are voluntary information of the clubs in the context of a corresponding query of the DFL .

The FC Augsburg had reported a 100% quote, among other things, with Borussia Dortmund all professionals are vaccinated or recovered. The DFL recommended a vaccine against the coronavirus on Tuesday again all persons involved in the game operation.

FC Bayern has so far changed Joshua Kimmich against vaccination, which had beaten high waves in the past few days. Among other things, the question had revived why unvaccinated players are allowed to play in stadiums in which the 2G regime is considered for spectators, so they must be vaccinated or recovered.

DFL: 2G control for players would come equal to vaccination

In the stadiums, it basically go for general infectious protection and not for occupational safety, explains the DFL. In terms of employment, it is therefore about proportional protective measures in the context of the legally protected professional practice. In terms of viewers, relative requirements for health protection in the exercise of leisure activities is concerned.

And a general 2G default for players do not give it because this is as a prerequisite for participation in the game and training operation, ie for the legally protected professional practice of the players, (…) a bidding vaccine equal to without that But there are legal provisions at all, on the basis of which employers could make vaccination specifications for their employers .