Thomas Stanley Holland (London, June 1, 1996), namely known as Tom Holland, is an actor, voice player and British dancer. He began at him at the theater in 2008 playing the main character at the musical Billy Elliot. Subsequently, after graduating from the Brit School in 2012, he debuted at the film with the film the impossible (2012) and achieved great recognition from the criticism, after having been appointed by the National Board of Review as the actor Revelation of that year, in addition to having been nominated for the critics Choice Awards as best young interpreter.
Holland would achieve greater recognition after being selected to interpret the character of Spider-Man in Marvel s cinematographic universe, where the Spider-Man films starred: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019), which received the Acclamation of criticism and were successes at the box office. Holland also played Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: ENDGAME (2019), which were also acclaimed and tightening. Thanks to the success of him, he won the Emerging Star Award at the 2017 BAFTA Awards, in addition to having been awards receiver at the Saturn Awards and the Teen Choice Awards. As a voice actor, he has participated in films such as Spies in Disguise (2019), Dolittle (2020) and Onward (2020).
Outside of his career as actor, Holland is dedicated to philanthropy raising money to help low-income people in the United Kingdom, especially families with children suffering from dyslexia and diseases such as cancer.

The first official trailer to the Uncharted movie with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg unfortunately lets little good guilds. A decision seems to take the film the greatest strength of the games. A column of Gregor Elsholz.

Exotic Locations, Wit Treasure Hunters and Action Without Covering the Gravity: The Uncharted Trailer is there and provides quite exactly what could be expected from a filming of the franchis – including the greatest possible mistake that the film commit could.

Uncharted: casting gives puzzles on

The Casting of the Uncharted Film already appeared to me with the announcement as a males omen – and the first trailer has confirmed all fears.

Tom Holland is supposed to embody a young Nathan Drake, but in essence he just warms his role as Mcu-Spider-Man – without a spider suit, without Drakes charm, but with exactly the same facial expressions, gestures and talking about it Peter Parker.

At his side, Mark Schlabenberg plays the mentor character Victor Sully Sullivan, but it only takes a few trailer scenes to realize that Mark Wahlberg plays in reality as always only Mark Schlabberg plays.

Look at the trailer to the Uncharted movie here:

Sony movie gives away unique selling proposition

With the decision to bring a prequel to the screen and to occupy two popular but rather limited actors two popular but rather limited actors, Sony Pictures undoubtedly also convinced non-gamers from the Uncharted film.

In fact, however, the step has led to remove the largest transferable strength of the games: the protagonists and their dynamics with each other. Nathan Drake and Sully belong not without reason to best known and most popular video game characters of recent years. There are vibrant, well-written figures, which lacks every trail in the trailer.

Especially with the big leap in a new medium, however, it would have needed exactly these characters, to give the movie a permission, because pretty action and thin beating dialogues are already enough in modern cinema.

Instead, however, the trailer is packed with chases, funnies and a few gaming allusions – generic adventure food that is meaningless without character binding.

Video Game Films: Something with Adventure

Interchangeable characters, played by Hollywood sizes, experiencing adventures on exotic places without significant consequences – I have already seen this movie several times, but under the former titles Assassin s Creed, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Monster Hunter and felt 20 Other video game franchises.

For a change, I would have seen a movie with Nathan Drake and Sully in the lead roles instead. Unfortunately, I have to wait for it – or in the meantime watch the charming short film with Nathan Fillion in Continuous Loop. (Source: YouTube)

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