Razer is a new gaming headset KAIRA X for PlayStation, WHITE, BlackShark V2 Pro (WHITE), Blackshark V2 X (Green), New Color Variation, Razer, Razer., WEB Camera KIYO X is released. KAIRA X for PlayStation is 7,980 yen (tax included), Blackshark V2 Pro is 22,800 yen (tax included), Blackshark V2 X is 7,980 yen (tax included), webcam KIYO X is 9,980 yen (tax included).

Features of the gaming device to be newly released

New Release Game Headset KAIRA X for PlayStation

The major features of KAIRA X for PlayStation are four TRIFORCE 50MM driver, HyperClear Cardio Ido Microphone, Flowknit Memory Form Ear Cushion Platform,.

TRIFORCE 50mm Driver is a large driver of new patented design that can adjust high-hearth, middle tone and bass as if it is equipped with three drivers. A clear sound that further powerfully powered the high-tone range is more powerful.

Microphone that realizes noise canceling while collecting the highest audio is a design that does not interfere and has an optimized microphone housing, so it is more clear and faithfully communicated To do. Furthermore, it pays attention to the ear cushion. We adopt material with excellent breathable, minimize heat accumulation due to sweat and skin contact, but strengthen the density of soft form by strengthening the tightening force of the headset It is greatly reduced.

The fourth feature Versatile compatibility corresponds to a home game console, PC, Mac, mobile game consoles and mobile devices by 3.5mm jack. You can enjoy this product with various devices.

New color variation is released on Blackshark V2

New colors appear in E-SPORTS wireless headset with emphasis on performance. Blackshark V2 Pro is a white gamer popular white, Blackshark v2 x is a line-up of the green, which is also a Razer brand color.

USB webcam KIYO X to realize full HD delivery

Live people and live person, and is Kiyo X the case for USB Web camera also active in such as Web conferencing. It has all the functions for making the best content, such as excellent image quality, customizable settings, auto focus.

Clear and clear, clearly, user setup environment and individuality can be obtained with high-definition video, and the image quality of the full HD quality can be switched to a high frame rate of 720p 60 fps to deliver super smoother video. In addition, always because it has a function to adjust the focus on the user, moving or, will not be blurred even when changing the position.

In addition, Razer and switching between auto focus and manual focus by Synapse 3, choose from a variety of image preset brightness, contrast, saturation, and white adjustment of balance and the like, can create their own profile. Since it is possible to finely adjusted, such as by their environment, it can be expected activities of more than usual.

For more information on each device, please check from the product page Kaira X for PlayStation · BlackShark V2 Pro · BlackShark V2 X · Kiyo X.