I felt Tecmon s survival cutting waste project Zero: Maiden of Black Water was released globally to Wii U in 2015. The fifth part of the Japanese horror game series arrives in the delight of new and old fans to modern consoles and the PC. The trunk of the horror is like directly from the Japanese Horror Handbook, but because of small irritations, the work leaves a little confusing taste in the mouth.

Events are located among the people of the death of a mountain in the famous Hiikami Mountain. In a sacred place there is a special religion practiced in the past that people were born from the water and return to water at the end of their lives. For this reason, the mountain surrounded by a dense foreigner invites you to bring people to death to spend the last few moments. The three main characters of the game travel to the Hikami Mountain driving a different reasons, but each of them will have to face the ghosts of their past from the eye to the eye.

The Hiikami Mountain prevails an eternal night.

The actual main roof feels a bit confused and dilute. Especially in the early part of the game, events are progressing really slowly, and last their time before the report can be properly switched on. Maiden of Black Waterin storyally the best Antia are its as a background and the mountain of the fate of people who lost their lives. These main potato elements are found to find out by gathering a batch of diarrhea in the world and the paper pulleys, so the collection of collected goods in all countries is quite recommended.

does not cause nightmares

Absolutely the biggest problem is that the creation is not as frightening as I expected. Usually, Japanese horror games make me screaming about abomination and hide the sofa, but this time the feeling of fear did not reach out of my sons. The atmosphere and the soundtrack are all the time quite disordered, and all the elements of the horror are present – they are not only for a reason or another manner to break out of the flower.

The photographic mode has made hassibly shots.

The work is played with three different characters. Garden light is accessible to Yuri Kozuppa, Ren Hojo and Miu Hinasaki. They each have their own reasons to prune to explore the ghosts with a thrilling mountainous landscape of the darkness descending over the slopes. With many different characters, adventure brings with him a refreshing variation, even though no excellent heroes seems to be interesting or special. In addition to the characters you play, the player will be presented with sidelines. My own tastes of different sides are far too much, because I went to me many of you who each is.

The minor clothing of female characters was given a criticism in the Wii U version. In principle, I do not agree with any hero s short skirts or revealing shirts, but one great concern in my inner end wake up. The windows are running in a cool weather in the rainfall, blessed with and lakes without any kind of waterproof clothes or umbrella, so the threat of colds is obvious. Since the clothing clothing is able to exchange, in my wishes, it would be even some kind of raincoat to protect young girls.

Say Cheese!

Heroes saved along the hiking mountain of wooded slopes to secure a surprisingly high quality flashlight as well as a special camera called Camera Obscura. When the bloodthirsty spirits appear on the scene, it s time to digging the magical backpack of the vector and start to see. For people, a harmless camera gets the ghosts on the ghost of pain, and after a few complete samples, the ghosts feel their final death – at least for a moment. The closer to the evil spirit of the photographer standing, the more damage to the camera causes. This is the most interesting Soppa: The game character must therefore stand close enough to the subject to make a lot of damage, but remain far enough away from the fact that it does not go to the firewall of the ghost attacks. Fortunately, the abandonment of the arms of the schemes is used. Often photographs näpsimään gets really crowded places, and thereby complete the sample of dodging the enemy and produces little difficulty. In many cases, run away in panic while running, I stayed stuck to the walls, bushes, and who knows what the obstacles. If space is plentiful, goes witching slaying gently.

2 Tips to avoid CHECKING in your Camera Gear

All are described, all described!

Photos will be shared points, and these points are purchased upgrades to the camera, higher quality films, herbs or other much-needed goods to improve. Camera Obscura with advancing with the times quite clever widgets. Anyway, the use of the camera as a weapon is rather ingenious. If the heroes only posauttelisivat ghosts lättyyn conventional weapons, would lose all basically work their charm.

Again! Re! Re!

The camera is moved using either the steering tabs and the Rs and L keys, motion detection, or both of the same time. Press the ZR trigger to be taken. The use of motion detection does not correctly utilized correctly, which was completely due to my own uncooperative. Tatts and keys waving up to me, even from me quite smoothly, although the control requires rapid reaction capacity and fingertips. By default, the camera s business sensitivity has been set to be rather pregnant, but fortunately, it is able to adjust the regulations conveniently to adjust the desired sensitivity.

The best moment of managing the ghosts is felt when the spirit is silent on his eternal sleep. If the creature gets to touch before it is transformed as a star dust, a player can see a small glimpse of the birth of it, ie a ghostly changed human death. These moments are quite ridiculously viewed, and stylishly-executed skies will get the cold slopes to run along the backs.

Between your adventurous sandy beach.

The spirits who have received from Japanese solders and their inspirations are rather ferocious. Unfortunately, against the same bad guys, you have to fight many times, and the familiar masses are beginning to get tired and do not feel so moody. Repeating the same things and again is one of the worst sins of the Maiden of Black Water. In addition to the enemies of themselves, adventure also takes place all the time in the scenic landscapes. This happens to the sense, but even though the gloomy world seems to enchant and the atmosphere on the slopes of the mountain there is a harvesting beautiful, starting in the same forests and in the caves rampings soon to exhaust.

Potential would be a five-star game, but…

Technically, the Switch version does not have any problems with it. Sometimes there is a small number of screens and strangers in the screen, but most of the time the game spins the power well.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Suitable for both the new and old fans of the series. For example, there are two levels of difficulty: Easy for the storylines and low to the most skilled players. For me, this was the first contact with the project Zero player. In this way from the worse player s point of view, I can reveal that easy level of difficulty was not too easy for me. On the other hand, the normal level of difficulty did not seem to be indisputable awkward.

The functioning mirrors game takes the score home.

Compared to the Wii U version, the work of 2021 has not experienced very large changes. Only graphics have been updated to modern times and the game has added a few outfits as well as a photographic mode, but it is ice. Externally, the work is quite spectacular, but for example, the graphics of character hair are helplessly missed after the time.

Atmospheric project Zero: Maiden of Black Water is an interesting case. It has all the elements of a five-star horror game, but because of small problems it is not quite above. A mediocre story, recurrence of the same enemies and landscapes once and another takes a grade of a small piece. Also, the fact that the creation of the creation is not scary scary points down. I liked the game for mediocre more and I am definitely hopeful for a series of a continuation, but the rating of this title remains a strong positive triple.