The Remaster of Project Zero – Priestess of Black Water can now be played on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. The Launch Trailer published for this prepares for the revised horror adventure.

With this extended version, the 20th anniversary of the series is celebrated. There is a supervised graphic, new outfits and a photomodus. If you should play the game within the next two weeks, there is an exclusive Ryza costume as a bonus. The developers have been inspired by the first Atelier Ryza offshoot.

MetaScore: 67 points

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water - First Look PS5 Gameplay!
Numerous test reports for the game are already online. On Metacritic, 21 reviews were submitted, most of which have failed. At the moment the rating is 67 points. By the way, the original from 2014 also has a score of 67.

The Mako Reactor (80 points) – Despite some inconvenience, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water is a fantastic horror adventure that appears at the perfect time on consoles and PC. If you searched for a new game for Halloween, Maiden of Black Water is definitely worth a purchase on the PS5.

Eurogamer Italy (70 points) – The last Project Zero is still a pretty entertaining and creepy horror experience with a great atmosphere, good length and captivating (if confused) story, but the rusty control and the slow pace Could keep the younger audience away.

NME (65 points ) – Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water stumbles a bit when it comes to exploiting the concept of extended edition fully, but it is saved by a unique central hanger, which keeps the scourging rate high and through a series of scary environments that explore it. Both elements were already available in the original of 2014, but can now be enjoyed at least from a broader audience.

Push Square (50 points) – There is much better than fatal frame: Maiden of Black Water in this Halloween season. The PS5 has just expanded her horror library so far that there is something else that is worth your time. But these intermediate sequences. Very scary.

The Mako Reactor is fully convinced of the horror new edition, while Push Square advises against Halloween to other scary games. In any case, the test ratings promise an acceptable gaming experience.

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