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Who not played Project Zero: Priestess of the Black Water at the time and would like to catch up on the horror adventure, gets the opportunity this week.

Suitable for the approaching release of the Remasters Serien-Director Makoto Shibata spoke in the interview with Gamingbolt over the contents offered and pointed out that Project Zero: Priestess of the Black Water is not only provided with graphic and smaller playful improvements. In addition, there are also a new feature and smaller new content on board, with which the original version published in 2015 sets out.

Camera is expanded by a photo mode

Just like in the original, the protagonists also sit down in the new edition of Project Zero: Priestess of Black Water with a camera against ghosts to the Wehr. In the Remaster, however, the camera is expanded by a photo mode that offers you the opportunity to keep the snapshots made and edit with different filters. At the same time, you do not just hunt for enemy spirits this time.

Added to friendly spirits or supernatural phenomena you will be rewarded when you look at them. In addition to the screen effect settings contained in other games, you can adjust the depth of field, focal length, and aperture. When you purchase Psychic Lens, spirits from earlier offsets of the series can appear on the screen, depending on the place or time, Shibata led out.

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Also included are new outfits to which the series director was performed: We have added costumes that highlight the personalities of the characters, as well as the already mentioned photo mode, which allows them to make ghost photography with a high degree of customization. We also expanded the ghost collection list, which now contains non-enemy floating spirits and traces.

Earth and Water Reverence; Story of Oshun Leaving the Earth (Part 5/7)
Project Zero: Priestess of Black Water appears on October 28, 2021 for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the Switch. In addition, conversions for the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X / S, which support the possibility of a free NEXT gene upgrades.

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