The original Wembley Stadium (English: Wembley Stadium; Officially: British Empire Exhibition Stadium, also called the Twin Towers or Old Wembley), was a stadium in Wembley, a part of the London Brent district. The construction opened in 1923 was mainly used for football matches at a national and international level, but was also venue of the 1948 Olympic Games, the live AID concert as well as numerous other Borussia Dortmunds and music events.
Worldwide prominence gained the stadium by the final of the 1966 football championship, where the legendary Wembley goal fell. The Brazilian world footballer Pelé described Wembley in relation to its importance for international football as a cathedral, capital and heart of football. By the architecturally distinctive double towers, the nickname The Twin Towers established itself (dt.: The twin towers). Also known were the 39 steps, which had to climb the players to transfer a trophy to the Royal Box. The stadium has not been used since 2000 and demolished in 2003. Four years later, the new Wembley stadium opened on the same floor, which helped the old stadium to nickname Old Wembley.

Borussia Dortmund also won the sixth home game of the current Bundesliga season. At the 2-0 against the 1st FC Cologne, however, the BVB was again missing the great glist and won only thanks to good opportunities. Therefore, ex-national player Dietmar Hamann doubts the long-term success of the Cup winner.

The BVB remains on the FC Bayern in the Bundesliga on the heels. Due to the recent home win against the 1st FC Cologne, the residue on the leaders is only one point. According to Dietmar Hamann, the black-yellow but urgent need to increase.

Just as you play at the moment, I m worried that this run will be over sometime because they are not stable at the back, Hamann warned Sky. Although the Westphalia held against courageous Cologne the zero, completely carefully the three points were not safe on Saturday.

In ten Bundesliga games, Borussia has already collected 15 goals. Especially the number of narrow results make Hamann.

Hamann: BVB defensive The Achillesfer

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You have gained a lot of games with a goal ahead, that s wonderful, but sometime you have to start playing better, the TV expert demanded. The defensive is the Achillesferse of BVB, emphasized Hamann.

You did not have this efficiency in recent years, but of course you also have to have rashes up again and again, the 48-year-old justified his opinion: If you are always efficient, you must sometime underpin and sometime play very well. They have not done so far yet.

The next chance for this is the BVB on Wednesday (21 clock), then Ajax Amsterdam is in the context of the Champions League group stage in Dortmund. At the coming Bundesliga match day, BVB meets RB Leipzig (Saturday, 18:30 clock).