Amazon Game Studios hMMO launched New World, an expected MMO that started his career with good prospects. The first days followed with the chaos of the servers, who could not bear the number of players who wanted to immerse themselves in this fantMMOy world. However, the numbers have been declining progressively. MMO Public Forbes, the fall hMMO been about 135.00 concurrent users every week since its launch.

Amazon's New World Has Been Losing 135,000 Players A Week Since Launch | Paul Tassi | Forbes

The data we publish below have been taken on Sundays S (Steamcharts), the time of the week in which the greatest peaks of players are experienced.

October 3: 913,000 players
October 10: 726,000 players
October 16: 608,000 players
October 23: 508,000 players
October 31: 373,378 players

Is the fall of players normal?

It is not strange that the figures of concurrent players go down over time, but when it comes to an MMO that hMMO a long-term projection, it can be an alarm signal. We will have to wait to see how the situation evolves. For now, some users have complained about the problems of their economy system, a crucial point within a videogame of these characteristics.

New World is available exclusively for PC. Unlike other games of gender, This title hMMO not been releMMOed under a model free-to-play, nor by subscription. Once you buy you, you can access your content without any additional fee.

Amazon Game Studios hMMO had to overcome many pitfalls to get a successful product market. Jeff Bezos itself, founder of the company, stated that after many failures and delays in videogames, they have finally tMMOting the honeys of success. Very proud team for persistence. Ved delays such MMO obstacles that help learn. Whatever your goals, do not give up, however difficult, he said.