[Data provided: Craft Tone]

\ – Challenge Top Down Shooting genre, will provide game experience in various gamers

\ – Starting the steam dictionary from today (3 days)

Craftone is a top-down-shot-shot PC game of the PC game to Steam on December 7th.

Craftone s independent studios and internal production teams are making a meaningful challenge for various gamers for genres and platforms. This time, I challenged the Tower Down Shooting Genre through the Thruster Tiere.

Craftone has launched a pre-reservation for global gamers through steam today, and released a formal launch schedule together.

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Gamers can play through steam since December 7, and the price is 19,900 won.

<Thunder tier is a top down shooting game featuring realistic shooting and strategic elements. The gamer becomes a 1-grade agent, and it is a setting that leads to a special operational unit, and it is fighting against the terrorist group in the Virtual Eastern European country Salovia in the early 1990s.

The main features are detail and realism. The weapons in the game of the The weapons have a unique characteristic, including the rate, the false, effective intersection, and accuracy, and the gamer can establish strategy and fulfill the mission according to the type of gun mounted.

Currently, you can view pre-reservation images from the Formula YouTube Channel, and you can see more information about the game: Official Steam Page and Discode Channel.