Genhin Impact sent the new 4-star character Thoma on the fighting field. As you can use his potential as a pyro-shield perfect, you will learn here in the build on Meinmmo.

How and when does you get Thoma? Thoma is included as a 4-star character from 2 to 23 November in the Event Banner of Hu Tao. Then you can receive it at any time in the wanderlust banner or with a low chance in other event banners.

Thoma has been the first new male 4-star character since the release of Genshin Impact and has already enjoyed a lot of attention since the announcement.

We from Meinmmo show you in these builds, as you best equipped the Pyro-Shielder and on which talents and constellations should be particularly paying attention to them.

Thomas skills in the overview

Which attacks and skills has Thoma? Thoma shares with your standard attacks, fierce strokes and attacks from the case, normal physical damage.

His elemental ability blazing the blessing sets up pyro-area damage and creates a shield for the whole team. The sign protects the active character from opposing attacks. His life depends on how high Thomas are maximum life points (LP).

If the shield is not destroyed by attacks, it dissolves after 8 seconds by itself.

Thomas special ability Red Ooyoroi acts when inserting pyro area damage to the enemies and the active character is wrapped with burning Ooyoroi. If you use standard attacks, pyro waves are released that cause pyro area damage.

In addition, with standard attacks, a small shield that works exactly as that of its elemental ability. This shield can be obtained about every 2 seconds. The life of the shield depends again on the maximum LP of Thoma or is 8 seconds if it is not destroyed by opponents.

Violent blows and attacks in the case do not activate the pyro waves and the shield.

Thomas special ability can not snapshots. This means that he does not take the damage bonus by, for example, Bennett s field, though he leaves the field or it stops.

Thomas and Zhonglis Shield in comparison: Zhongli is so far the best shield in Genshin Impact, how does Thoma beat in comparison with him? Consider both elementary capabilities at Level 6, we get the following comparison:

Thoma does not approach Zhonglis shield through the higher cooldown and shield duration, but unlike its rival, he has the opportunity to create new shields with his special ability. If you are true of Thoma s skills, he can almost keep his shield up constantly.

The passive talents of Thoma

Which passive talents have Thoma? Thoma has 3 passive skills, of which 2 reinforce the special and elemental ability.

Shift Tank : Increases shield efficiency by 5% for 6 seconds when a shield of Thoma is renewed or received. You can trigger this effect every 0.3 seconds and stack a maximum of five times.
Flame attack : The special ability s pyro waves cause 2.2% more damage based on Thomas Max. LP.
Brass hunt : If you do not have the useful spear The catch yet, you could help you brass hunt. With a probability of 20%, you will receive a fish twice when you fishing in Inazuma.

The most useful star pictures of the pyro fighter

What do the constellations bring? Star paintings freeze new skills and / or values ​​for characters free. This list shows you the most important constellations of Thoma and what you bring you for bonuses.

1. Star picture (C1) Camera Duties : If an active figure except Thoma is protected by its shield, this reduces the cooldown of Thomas Elementar and Special Caption by 3 seconds (20 seconds cooldowning time).
2 . Star picture (C2) Sectional Assistant : The special ability of Thoma holds 3 seconds longer.
4 . Star picture (C4) Longer-term planning : If Thoma has applied its special ability, 15 points are recovered in elementary energy.
6 . Star picture (C6) Burning Heart : If the shield of elemental or special ability is obtained or updated, standard attacks, violent strikes or attacks from the case for 6 seconds 15% are more harm. The effect applies to all troop members.

Thomas constellations are useful, but not as op, like those of other characters. So you can reach a C0 Thoma insanely well under my arms. However, if you saved enough veteran, help you the constellations to keep its shields significantly more consistently.

In addition, its C6 may boost the damage of the Main-DPS if you move directly to it after the work of Thomas Elementar and / or Special Cap.

Useful weapons for Thoma

Which weapons can get the most out of Thoma? That depends entirely on how you want to make Thoma Build. If you want to play Thoma as pure SHIELDER support, weapons that have LP or charger units as the second stat, as its shields depend on the max. LP.

In addition, its special ability has high energy costs of 80, so you want to provide it with enough charge to restore them soon.

If you want to cause some damage, you can use weapons like the Homa-Staff or the spear Breinkler Fin.

The spirits divide which weapon is exactly the best for Thoma. This time, the free2play weapons are recommended above all. The spear Fang is a great choice for the pyro fighter.

He not only gives him a lot of charderate as a bonus, but increases the damage of his special ability through his effect and gives him critical hit rate. Everything you need to do for the spear at the maximum level is fishing. This is also easier due to the passive ability of Thoma.

An alternative to this is the spear black tassel, which adds you as a sub-stat LP. He is the only spear with this property and increases the damage absorption of the shields of Thoma. His effect is irrelevant.

If you do not feel like fishing, you can also grab the Star Sichel prototype. He gives you chardering rate and increases the damage of standard attacks and fierce blows. You can easily craft this spear in the blacksmith.

These non-Free2Play alternatives you have: Through the charger as 2. Stat, heavenly ridge, grass-cutting beam and the Favonius lance can be worthwhile. Especially the Favonius lance can help you to create valuable elementary particles that charge Thomas special ability faster.

Especially if you want to go on attack, the grass-cut beam can be worthwhile through its effect. It increases your attack by 28% of percentage points over 100% of the charger.

Furthermore, the Homa-Staff strengthens your critical damage (KSCH) and increases by its effect of your LP by 20%. This will benefit the life of the shields. In addition, your attack increases based on the max. LP if your LP are less than 50%.

Breinkler Fin is a new 4-star spear that you can get in the event banner of Patch 2.2. He gives you attack and strengthens the damage of special skills depending on how many energy costs you have collected in the team. The higher the energy costs of the troupe, the higher your damage.

Matching artifacts on Thoma

Which artifacts are worthwhile on Thoma? On Thoma you can successfully play multiple artifact combinations. If you want to boost the special ability of the spear damper, the artifact set Coat of arms of separated fate offers itself.

2 parts set bonus: Increases the loading rate by 20%.
4 parts set bonus: Increases damage caused by special skills based on 25% of the charger. Up to 75% bonus is possible in this way.

However, you can also equip the Support Set Old Hofritual on Thoma, thereby not only supporting him, but also the other team members.

2 parts set bonus: Increases the damage caused by special abilities by 20%.
4 parts set bonus: After use of special skills, the attack of all troop members is increased by 20% for 12 seconds. This effect is not stackable.

The artifact set Toughness of the Milleliths you can also use in 2 parts combination with incapacent of separated fate or old Hofritual. It increases your LP by 20%.

Together with Old Hofritude it strengthens the damage absorption of the shield and the damage of the pyro waves. If you combine the fate set with the Millelith s set, it increases the damage absorption of the shield and can recharge the special ability faster.

Which stats are important to consider? Thoma is required by the 80 points elementary energy costs for its special ability, on any case about 180% charging rate, so that you can use them comfortably again and again without having to wait long.

If you do not want to use or use a weapon with charging rate, you can use on the hourglass charderate as a MAIN STAT. If you have enough charger, you can also access an LP or attack hourglass.

The goblet recommend LP or Pyro damage as a MAIN STAT to enhance either the shield or damage.

The crown may depend on how you want to play Thoma, with Ksch, critical hit rate (KT) or LP. Ksch and KT take you if you tend to harm and LP, if you want to increase the damage absorption of the shield.

The under-stats of the artifacts behave like: LP, charger, attack, KSCH and KT can use you. However, it is also worth investing in elementary customer so that the element reactions caused by Thoma causes a little more damage., However, keep your focus on LP and charger.

These artifacts sound tempting, but rather less: The artifact set reverse meteor sounds apprendable, but his effects only look on the character that has equipped it.

Increases shield efficiency by 35%.

Thoma Build Guide - STRONG Shields + Support DPS! (Thoma Artifacts/Weapons/Teams) | Genshin Impact
Increases the damage of standard attacks and fierce strikes in active shield by 40%.

By causing Thoma only a pyro-surface damage, it is hardly worth using the set burning pyro-witch, although it increases the pyro damage by 15% and enhances the element reactions in the 4-part set. The pyro waves of Red Ooyoroi apply as special capacity damage.

Sets like Old Hofritual, Toughness of Milleliths or Econts of Separate Fate are better suited to Thoma than these two.

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Thoma as team member

In which teams suits Thoma? Thoma fits in teams that a Shielder can use good. These include Main-DPS like Hu Tao or Xiao. In addition, he can trigger with its pyro waves and other figures of the elements of Kryo, Hydro and Electric useful reactions.

Hu Tao team: Hu Tao has to stay constant in the LP area at the LP area, so it s worth playing Thoma with her. In addition, both remove the pyro team bonus, which gives you 25% more attack for all figures. The complete team consists of:

Hu Tao: Main-DPS of the team.
Thoma: Protects the team and especially Hu Tao.
XINGQIU: triggers evaporation reactions with its capabilities.
Saccharose: can, equipped with the artifact set greenish shadow trigger swirling, which reduces the resistance from the specified element by 40%. It also ensures Crowd Control.
You can replace sucrose also by venti, Jean, Sayu or Kazuha.

Xiao team:

Xiao: Main-DPS of the team. During the special ability continuously loses LP, so it can benefit from a protective shield.
Venti: acts as a battery for Xiao, so elementary particle collects and ensures Crowd Control. In addition, he can also carry the artifact set greenish shadow to reduce the resistance of the opponents.
Xiangling: Triggers the Pyro Team Bonus and can additionally support Xiao with its special ability.
Venti can be replaced by sucrose, Kazuha, Jean or Sayu.

Yoimiya team:

Yoimiya: Main-DPS of the team. Since Yoimiya is constantly using standard attacks, Thomas special ability can be optimally used. In addition, it benefits as a bow guard with low defense of a protective shield. Together, release the Pyro Team Bonus.
Fischl / BeiDou: Fischl or BeiDou can swap with Yoimiya while their elemental ability is on Coldown. You can also serve off-field damage and trigger useful overweight reactions.
Raiden Shogun: ensures the regeneration of special skills and triggers additional off-fell damage.
You can also exchange RAIDEN by an anemo character like Sayu, Jean or Kazuha.

What do you think about these builds for Thoma? Do you have more suggestions for him and you will use it in your team? Write it in the comments.

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