[Kids News 24, Yeoljin Jing Jingjin] NCsoft (representative Kim Taek Jin, Mr. Yen) released the official OST album Rinsey W regular OST album Farophoned world on the 4th.

The album title The Faricent World is a game that uses a game and means a chronology of users who lead to a variety of stories.

Lineage W s album was listed with remake OST that loved to users to inherit the sensibility of the original. ▲ The symbolic music of the original music Lineage, the main theme song Lineage W ▲ ▲ We collected topics through special video ▲ Redhead of the Eternal Prince ▲ The game in the game, and the main monster, and music symbolizing the place, such as music.

Lineage W Thing That You Need to Know
The Worldwide Concept ▲ Yen s Sound ▲ Composer Sound with the Sound ▲ Unique Horns Studios, famous for the game and trailer music production, ▲ Composer MIMI Page (MIMI Page), Robin Hoffmann (Robin Hoffmann), Will Bedford, and Will Bedford. Participated in the arrangement.

Orchestra recording proceeded from the Vienna Synchron Stage of Austria Vienna.