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The best weapons of Call of Duty: Vanguard in the overview. We show you which weapons are clearly recommended shortly after start.

What is this for a list? The latest Call of Duty plays again in World War II and make you an arsenal of just under 40 weapons available to the release. The selection is therefore great, the choice is not so easy.

That s why we looked around which weapons are considered strongly after the start of Call of Duty: Vanguard and also influence our own experience to deliver the best weapons after the release. We show you a weapon for the melee, an all-round assault rifle and a strong sniper weapon.

As soon as players have spent more time in Vanguard, however, the list can change quickly. For the time shortly after the release you drive you very well with our suggestions.

Storm rifle: STG 44 — The weapons for all cases

What makes the STG 44 strong? The STG is equal to the first assault rifle that is available to you, but absolutely no walking. The German assault rifle shines with its high versatility and can help you in almost all situations in the game. It offers good control, sufficient damage and an extremely strong essay.

What can the STG 44 not so good? Due to the versatility, the STG 44 loses effectiveness against specialists. Against sniper rifles in ranging or MPS in close combat you have little chance. It works best the STG 44, if you fire from the second row on opponents, so an ally with a machine gun pressure builds up.

Vanguard: STG 44 Setup

Vanguard BEST GUNS ranking from WORST to BEST (Best Class Setups)
Eat: Chord Muzzle Brake
Run: VDD 760 mm 05b
Visor: Slate Reflector
Shank: VDD 27 precision

Fall: M1930 Strife angled
Magazine: —
Ammunition type: lowering
Handle: Nub handle
Skill: Vital
Kit: fully charged


Is ready to start directly
High versatility
Good ratio damage / control


Loses against the specialists in the near and ranged fight

Machine gun: MP40 — a lot of speed, a lot of damage

What makes the MP40 strong? The MP40 has the advantage that it is available directly to the entry into the multiplayer. The machine gun offers you a lot of damage, good control and right range — as in the beta of Vanguard. With essays, you can reduce the recoil so far that the MP40 still lands on medium distances still kills.

What can the MP40 not so good? Especially with the level of the weapon, the little magazine that can later enlarge her later. Make sure that you have a weapon for reach in the Loadout next to the MP40 if you are on the bigger maps on the way. As soon as the distances to the enemy get bigger, damage and control suffer.

Estuary: Marauder Fire Case Damper
Run: VDD 189 mm short running
Visor: —
Shank: Krausnick 33 m folding frame
Counter: SALE pistol handle
Magazine: 7,62-Gorenko 32-Shot Magazine
Ammunition type: extended
Handle: Leather handle
Skill: Unmarked
Kit: fully charged


Is ready to start directly
Strong damage with matching range


Only in melee full effectiveness
Small magazine at levels

Sniper rifle: Car 98K — the optimal mixture

What makes the Car 98k strong? As in the Battle Royale War zone, the Car 98K also clears up in Vanguard. In the multiplayer, your enemies will do your enemy with a headshot or hit in the chest. The Sniper rifle offers the optimal compromise of speed and damage — the other two sniper rifles are either fatal, but very lame (triplet gun) or faster, for little damage (type 99).

What can the Car 98k not so good? Although the CAR is fast compared to the triplet gun: Compared to a storm rifle you attract the shorter during the sprint. With each meter, approaching enemies, the Car is less effective and the other weapons are advised. However, you can always rely on your one-shot kills.

Eat: Scout silencer
Run: Krausnick scout
Visor: —
Shank: short shaft
Fall: —
Magazine: —
Ammunition type: lowering
Handle: leather handle
Skill: icy veins
Kit: breathing


One-shot kills in chest and headshots
Strong compromise from damage and mobility


The last sniper rifle to unlock
The closer opponents are, the weaker the sniper

Which shooting iron prevail after a longer game time in the weapons meta can not be assured yet. But our 3 copies have good chances of being at the top with their weapons classes.

Which weapons did you have set in your first rounds? Do you have one in the head that would recommend you yourself? Or is there a setup that works really well for you? Let s take a comment with your thoughts.