Missing Constance, two injured power carriers and a dissatisfied national player: On ADI Hunter, Borussia Mönchengladbach is waiting for some construction sites at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

A breach of breastfeeding weeks will hardly be able to take ADI Hunter in the country break. Finally, it is waiting for a lot of work, which is likely to become the coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach not only after the meager 1: 1 (1: 0) at PSV Mainz 05. There would be the lack of constancy, injured power carriers or a stole Florian Bauhaus — the construction sites at Russia are still great.

We have a way ahead of us, Hunter said, who has not finally got the fluctuations after the rushing cup night against Bavaria (5: 0). Against the Munich his team maybe a bit overheated, we had a star. What we have played today in the second half, there were worlds in between.

Playback: Bauhaus wishes back

And so the foals continue on the spot after about one third of the season — and now have to deal with critical tones from their own ranks. He would have been a piece of far more backing of the association, said national player Bauhaus on the DAZN microphone, but this is probably in professional football a little wishful thinking.

After his steep climb, the 24-year-old does not play a major role in this season. I accept that and just wants to continue gas in training, said Bauhaus, who now travels to the national team first: I definitely want to go back to the team with good performances.

Against Mainz, the Mittelfeldmann was first on the bench, came into play in the middle of the first half and scored the leadership (38.).

In the second half, Bauhaus, but also the entire Gladbacher Eleven only had little to offer. Silvan Wider (76.) punished the disappointing appearance.

Hunter explains Bauhaus situation

Hunter tried, however, to smooth the waves. I m not the club, I m the coach, and there is also a performance principle. Flo also sees that we are very well occupied in the center, said the VFL coach and emphasized that the situation for Bauhaus New And differently and this is belonging to a development of a very good player.

But in addition to the noise sounds, the Gladbacher must probably also clarify other failures. Nico Elves hobbled on crutches with suspicion of an outer tape injury in the bus, at Breed Embryo hopes Hunter that it is just a muscular. Both had already been replaced in the first half.

Florian Neuhaus - Gladbach's Next Generation Superstar

All too negative Yann Summer did not want to see the situation but the distance to the European Cup ranks is finally manageable. The team had found their style, you also see the handwriting of the coach, said the goalkeeper: Now we have to bring the long-awaited constancy.