Coach eccentric José Mourinho has come from the success of the success of the success: against promoted FC Venice, the Romans had to accept a 2: 3 bankruptcy on Sunday, the fifth season defeat in the Italian football series-a.

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The Italian Gazette did not provide criticism on Monday. As Rome in a free case. Mourinho jumps after excuses. The referees are not on his side, but if AS ROM has won only one of seven games, it will give reasons for this, wrote the gazette hello sport.

You, certain failures both in the defense and in the storm are simply incomprehensible, the Corriere Hello Sport judged. Mourinho explodes anger, but his defense crumbles, there are no excuses, added autosport.

The renewed defeat increases the pressure on the former success coach, which had not returned last Thursday with its protégés over a 2: 2 against the Norwegians of Body / Klimt in the Conference League.

The Special One was nervous after the defeat in the lagoon city and criticized the referees because of a penalty. Mourinho also wore a plot: The rules are made of those who have never played football, but they are the powerful one decide.

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The Portuguese, who signed a three-year contract in the Romans in the summer, expects the Roma with difficult times. We have the fourth place in the table as a target, but we are not at this level. This will be a season of reconstruction and pain, Mourinho mused. At the moment, the Roma in Serie A occupies the sixth place in the table — a rank behind the local rivals Radio.