New robot action RPG Megaton class Marathi for Nintendo Switch / PS4 released on November 11, 2021 from Level Five. This time, it was possible to participate in the prior play of this work prior to the release. In this article, I would like to deliver the attractiveness of Megaton class Hisashi, game system, and played impressions.
※ The contents of the article are in the development stage. The official version and the contents may differ.

What game is Megaton class Hisashi ?

Megaton Museum Marathi is the 5th title of Cross Media Project announced from Level Five.

Taken drama stories and robotic actions that operate the huge rogue and crushing the enemies are fused, and of course, a robotic fan, as well as a work from children to adults It is finished.

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Pulled into a heavy story

What I first played this game and felt the first thing, The story is fascinating! In the early stages, I wonder if it was a peaceful school story… I was drawn more and more in the story that was expanded in the direction, and the time was over time.

I feel the human taste and feel more and more emotions in the hot character of the main character s Otetsuji University (one of the Yamaguchi His).

Everyone is doubtful to be drawn in the story followed by the development of curiousness.

運 ▲ The fate is waiting for the girl after this….

I m worried about this one scene alone or what kind of story. What happened in how this happened, why are you burning around….

I want to talk more, but I want you to check with your eyes by all means.

In the process of promoting the story, I felt that cut-in like the image is also one of the reasons to be drawn into the world view. Thanks to the cut-in, the scene is easy to read, and it can be easily grasped what kind of scene.

Many other cut-in is used, Feeling love to Megaton-class Hisashi of the manufacturing team.

Since you can take a walk in the city freely in the game, it has become a specification that can be entered into the world of Megaton-class Hisashi.

The author is a favorite restaurant s aunt. She also has various faces, so I want you to check with your eyes. She is not just aunt….

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A good fighting scene is exhilarating!

The deep story is also interesting, but still the best of this game is battle!

When it is relative to the enemy larger than the rogue, a feeling of exciting that you have never felt is waiting for the player.

In addition to main missions, free missions are also available, There is a specific mission limited enemy, so it is full of embedded elements.

Normal attack is a flashy effect and played and exhilarating. The operation was easy and able to spread a flashy battle.

The sound when attacking is also intense to break the metal, and the feeling of exhilaration is doubled with the effect. When I bled a large amount of enemies, it was a brain soup.

It is also possible to cut with a short distance attack, and snipe in a long distance attack is the case of the player s freedom.

Extraction of the special move is also super damp! Special Moves can be easily done with easy operation. Cut-in, like images, has been prepared for a particular special move, and the special sense of special move is very out. Special Moves are not only one or more special move, and can be equipped with four special moves in a single mission.

Every Special Move was just able to move the battlefield, so I would like to check with your eyes by all means.

▲ ▲ In a special move Ex break, a strike of To dome was added. When I scraped HP with a special move, it is a key word that is super feel.

▲ You can also switch weapons during battle. It is a shortcut to the capture that promoting the battle while switching weapons by the enemy.

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Custom with high degree of freedom is interesting!

Customization can customize the rogue s aircraft freely. It is one of the attractions of this game to collect parts and finish on your own aircraft.

▲ The image is blue, but is rearranged to black and brown parts. Since the shape of the parts also changes significantly, the impression of the appearance will also change.

You can change the look of the rogue with body, light arm left arm leg and four parts. By unifying colors, decide the theme and rearranges parts, you can create an original rogue. It will be one way to find your favorite configuration and show off with your friends.

I felt that brown parts were cool, so I was playing with a brownish as much as possible. This unpleasant feeling comes brings the romance of the man. There is no one who knows robots?

It is possible to set the special move and skills from the screen such as inside the personal computer called mother boat.

Because there is an effective special move or skill by the enemy, it was necessary to think about the formation and challenge the mission, and I was able to feel while playing out the depth as a game.

You can also create a special move or skills that can be equipped on the motherboard. It looks like a tree, and you can create a design diagram of a special move, skill, and a rogue by meeting the conditions.

I felt that it was attractive to finish the original rogue here, as it goes to or the player s freedom.

Of course the pilot can also be changed. Each pilot is provided with multiple abilities and will play an important role in combat by learning.

It can be said that it is also one of the pleasures to find a pilot that fit the favorite pilot and find a pilot that matches the play style.

Music also matches with works very cool!

The theme song of Megaton Museum is in charge of singer MANA. She further pulls the goodness of the work with powerful singing voice and rises the game. As we publish the official video above, I want you to ask with the movie.

There are many cool things in the game BGM, so I want you to be aware of it by all means. You should always meet your favorite BGM.

If you like Robot, you want to play!

In this article, we have delivered a game system, a world view, and attractiveness of the Megaton-class Hisashi.

Solidary stories, exhilarating battle systems, high-freedom customization. Three beats Action Robot Action As Robot lovers, of course, it has been a content that can be enjoyed from children to adults.

It also supports online cooperative play, and there is no doubt that you play with your friends.

Since this article has not been able to convey the attraction yet, if you are worried, I would like to take a software and downloaded version and dive into the world of Megaton-class Hisashi.

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