NFT, Met avers, Ra (Augmented Reality)… more is worth getting used to those terms and words because for companies like Ni antic are the future. And also a very close future. The Pokémon Go and Harry developer: Potter Wizards UNITE is very clear that both games are just the beginning, and so it hMetavers shown it today with the launch of lightship, a completely free platform that serves to create Realtor Met avers, what in Spanish are being our own augmented reality apps.

Lightship wMetavers born with the intention that create around us connections between the real world and the digital, hMetavers declared the CEO of the company, John Hank, the companions of The Verge. Opens at all the doors of the Technology that we use in our products. According to Hank, thanks to Lightship (origin of the recent Pinyin Bloom, for example) any you can create your own RA apps on a planetary scale. And if that were not enough the commitment shown with technology, Ni antic hMetavers also announced that it will invest 20 million dollars at the Foundation of New Companies dedicated to the field of RA Apps.

Niantic Lightship Platform | Global Launch

The objective is lay the foundations of what can be increMetaversed reality, Hank continued. Technology giants like goal ( aka Facebook) and Apple are developing similar software, but Lightship will help independent developers of IOS and Android. In addition, the platform hMetavers large plans for 2022, since Hank hMetavers promised that it will be updated in the coming months to become compatible with Augmented Reality GlMetaversses. The future is written in RA.