Football Bundesligaister Borussia Dortmund won the race for miracle runner Erlang Haaland in January 2020. According to media reports, the BVB killed the Norwegian, among other things, that from summer 2022, an exit clause grabs to use the area club as a springboard. Now there are new speculations about the existence of this clause.

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The currently injured to watch Damned Erlang Haaland has been determining the headlines in the rumor kitchen for months. Finally, Europe s top clubs have long been launched in order to take the 21-year-old under contract after the ongoing season. The farewell to Dortmund has long been considered to be inevitable, although the scorer is bound until 2024.

The reason for the bad maps of the BVB is the exit clause, which was determined in the working paper of Haaland. A clause in the amount of at least 75 million euros in the amount of at least 75 million euros should be anchored in it. Sometimes in the media world of up to 90 million euros is the speech.

Borussia Dortmund BOSS Marco Rose ADMITS they have to tell Erling Haaland that a BREAK is necessary

Does the BVB cash in 150 million euros for Haaland?

Now the Spanish portal Diariogol reports that the contractual agreement does not exist — neither over 75 nor more than 90 million euros. Means: Who wants to commit Erlang Haaland, must inevitably lead to the negotiations with Borussia Dortmund.

Doubts on a summer change of the Golden Boy does not include Diariogol, but the actual transfer fee would commute more than 150 million euros.

The entourage of interested clubs is led to Borussia Dortmund s striker from the Spanish clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Both clubs had already visited Haaland s consultant Minor Rail personally to explore the framework conditions of a possible change. Even England s elite around the FC Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United allegedly mixed with. Last but not least, the German record champion FC Bayern is always associated with Haaland.