Moving has released the latest build 1.18 Pre-Release 1 in the Snapshot Version of the Sandbox game Main Craft Java Edition.

This version corresponds to a new topography generation system of the next large update Caves & Cliffs (Cave and Cliffs) 2nd. On the World Creation Screen, two modes of Large Biomes AMPLIFIED that could not be selected with recent snapshots are resurrected. Instead, Caves and Floating Island has been removed.

In addition, we introduced boomed blending technology and change the unnatural boundary such as the cut-off cliff that occurred when migrating the old version of the world does not occur. Expansion of the underground is also applied.

Besides, Boats and pigs are exceeded the end of the world Water in the cave does not flow properly defects such as no sandstone is generated in the desert. For full list of versions and fixes, how to apply the prerelease version, etc., please refer to the official site.

The snapshot / prerelease version may destroy the player s world. When playing, do not use the main world or backup.