Pokémon Go s Group Go Rocket leaders can be a few of the hardest experiences you ll discover in this popular mobile game, with each of the four leaders having strong Pokémon that can trip you up if you re not prepared. There are four leaders in Pokémon Go– Carlo, High Cliff, Sierra, as well as Giovanni– yet in this overview, we ll tell you just how to tackle the Lone Lioness and defector from Team Impulse herself, Sierra.

Sierra s Pokémon

Sierra will certainly always utilize Shadow Sn easel in the starting position. This will not change despite the amount of times you face her. Stages 2 as well as 3 of the fight, however, will be a various experience each time. Each stage sees Sierra pick among three randomized Darkness Pokémon, as provided below.

Phase 1
Shadow Sn easel (Weak Points: Pest, Fairy, Combating, Fire, Rock, Steel).
Phase 2.
Shadow Amparo (Weak Points: Ground).
Darkness Glister (Weaknesses: Ice, Water).
Shadow Gran bull (Weak Points: Toxin, Steel).
Phase 3.

Shadow Duration (Weak Points: Ground).
Shadow Outdoor (Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water).
Shadow Kingdom (Weak Points: Dragon, Fairy).

Ideal Sierra Counters.

Sierra has quite a combination when it pertains to her Pokémon s weakness, with two of them just having one weak point each. Thankfully, those two Pokémon– Amparo in Stage 2 as well as Duration in Stage 3– share the very same Ground-type, indicating that Ground-type actions will be important. We would certainly bring among the complying with three Pokémon just to deal with those two:.

Excedrin, furnished with Mud Put as its Fast Move as well as Iron Head as its Charged Move.
Gar chomp, equipped with Mud Shot as its Fast Move and Outrage as its Charged Move.
Crocodile, furnished without Put as its Fast Move as well as Earthquake as its Charged Move.

You ll note that 2 of those Pokémon have Billed Relocations of other types, as well as those are especially to deal with various other difficulty places in Sierra s collection– particularly Phase 2 s Gran bull and also Phase 3 s Kingdom. The rest of your group need to follow this strategy, being able to take care of 2 or three of Sierra s creatures:.

Lucio, geared up with Counter as its Fast Move and also Aura Sphere as its Charged Move.
Mamoswine, outfitted with Mud Slap as its Fast Move and Avalanche as its Charged Move.
Swam pert, geared up with Mud Shot as its Fast Move and also Hydro Cannon as its Charged Move.

Benefits for defeating Sierra.

After Sierra is beat, you will get 1000 Stardust as well as two out of the 6 things noted below:.

1 Max Remedy, which can heal a non-fainted Pokémon to full wellness.
1 Max Revive, which brings back a fainted Pokémon to full health.
1 Revive, which restores a fainted Pokémon to 50% wellness.
1 Singh Rock, which is utilized to evolve particular Pokémon from the Singh region.

1 Unusual 12 km egg, which will hatch a Pokémon after you activate an Incubator as well as stroll 12 kilometers.
1 Nova Rock, which is made use of to develop specific Pokémon from the Nova region.

Since you know just how to approach this tenacious Team Go Rocket fitness instructor, make certain you have a look at the rest of our Pokémon Go overviews on just how to handle the rest of Group Go Rocket s leading brass: Carlo, Cliff, as well as obviously the one in charge Giovanni.