Cross-platform play is the ability to allow different video gaming systems to share the very same online web servers in a game, permitting players to sign up with each other no matter the platform they possess. Considering that the Dream cast and also PlayStation 2, there have actually been on the internet computer game that support cross-play. Noted right here is an incomplete list of video games that support cross-play with their gaming consoles, computers, mobile and handheld game consoles note when utilizing.

Already on his release, the Action game The Icebreaker hit Steam like a bomb and was an absolute surprise. The special mix of survival and strategy has really done the PC players. Now the surprise hit is back and stumbles again the charts.

Steam Surprise Hit is back!

For PC players on Steam, there is always something new to discover and now spit the top seller for the second time after a short time special action game, in which a closer look pays.

Already during the Games com 2021 noticed, the Rift breaker from exon studios already proved to his release and seems to arrive well with the bulk of the players.

The Wild Mix out construction, survival and actioning promises big variety. Locked in a Mecca suit, she travels through so-called Rifts and have to assert you on an alien planet against huge opponent hordes.

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To get an impression of the action-packed gameplay, you look at this trailer :

What do the reviews of The Rift breaker say?

The PC players on Steam seem to be particularly pleased with the quick action game. Currently, The Icebreaker has a rating of very positive with over 6,000 reviews.

Many compare the surprise hit with Factor, but Tower Defense expands the gameplay. In addition, the hack-and-slay content is attested a great game fun. The constantly new areas to be explored, buildings and items complete the action.

Since the release on the 14th of October is already a while, is not quite clear what the survival hit has catapulted back into the German Steam charts. Perhaps the recently published YouTube video from Hand of Blood has led to its community plunder the shop page of The Icebreaker on Steam. After all, he praises the game in his gameplay comment in high tones.

If you are looking for a purchase yourself, you can easily get into the free demo.

Not each game on steam mutates to hit, as this picture section impressively proves:

After a successful Steam start to the release, the Survival Game The Rift breaker can fight back into the top sellers. The special genre mix seems to like the PC players extremely well.