While a few days ago by the Update 18.30 with the Kampfpistol introduced a new weapon, past week many players received another weapon, which was not intended for them. The speech is from the ax of the champions, probably the most desirable subject of Battle Royal.

Officially introduced, the ax was only last year, is still pretty new. It is exclusive, it is on top of that, because actually it is only 21 players at the same time: the seven top trios, which emerge as winners from the Fortnite (now €33.57) Champion Series, a world-wide-contested tournament. In addition, the joy is always short duration: as soon as the new winners have been fixed, the old ones must give the ax to their throne followers.

If all champions are, nobody is a champion

For a short time, however, much more than only 21 instruments were in circulation. So every qualified player of the Fortnite Grand Royale tournament accidentally received an ax of the champions and could feel like a winner. That this was not so intended, it also encouraged by official site.

The Fortnite Competitive Channel on Twitter promptly announced a corresponding message: UPS! We deprive the ax of the Champions all Grand Royale-Qualified players and give them exclusively back to this year s FNCS winners until the Grand Royale is finished. The Words followed: In the meantime, the accidentally rich had to give the item again.

So everything is back with right order and the ax of the champions is only led by the hand of truly worthy. Incidentally, there is also a lot of chaos in Fortnite also since the launch of the worn League of Legends heroine Jinx. The crazy weapon fanatics not only makes the Battle Royale uncertain, but also plays one of the main roles in the new Netflix hits Series Arcane.

Source: Fortnite Competitive on Twitter / Kodak

From Jonas Roger

Fortnite Accidentally Gives Away It's Rarest Pick Axe, The Axe of Champions
14.11.2021 at 10:55