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Download 165 public books after launching the global 11th

Recycling for game content, graphics, items, etc.

Creighton said that the Battle Royal New, was released on the 11th, and the first place in 165 countries around the world, including Korea, USA, Germany, India and Saudi Arabia.

The cumulative download may also be released in two days in two days, for 10 million in two days, and the popular mall has been successful, and the pub is successful, and the world s influence on the pub.

As the server is stabilized after the first day of launch, the response of global users is also increasing.

Currently, the is the interest of the global influenza and streamer, including Soap TV (Korea), Mortal (India), Home Sharif (Japan), Allah (Middle East), and successfully expanded the game community successfully have. Recently, the activity of the influx of the influx is used as an indicator of the game and the popularity of the game.

Twitter, such as Facebook, such as social media, you can also see the response of users who play directly.

Graphics / Sound / Motion, etc. are far over the existing battle royal game,, There is a hand of the overall graphics, the overall graphics, said, The basic skins are also futuristic and beautiful, The well-woven gun balance and map balance are great, These are popular for fun, diverse compensation and skins, excellent graphics, such as game content.

Park Mingy General PD, Thank you for your interests and support from pre-reservation, and the number of people you have created by the players, said PUBG: Battle Ground Following the Mobile Battle of the Mobile Battle Royal Game, we will give you a unique experience in the world through continuous updates for server stabilization, optimization, and seamless play environment. I said.

is a mobile game developed by Public Studios pioneering Battle Royal genre. PCs, the console platform, inherited the game performance and world view of the PUBG: Battleground, and we have aimed at the milestone of the next-generation mobile battle Royal game by combining its own content and differentiated technology.

On the 11th, it was released in more than 200 countries around the world, and the pre-reservation is over 5.5 million, and has been preaching the global box office before launching.

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