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Bavaria s Prime Minister Markus Söder has increased the pressure on non-coronavirus soccer stars as Joshua Gimmick from FC Bayern.

I am for a vaccination in the areas where we only have 2g and some do not get involved. I think it would be a good signal that we are also discussing something for the football area. Also, as a signal for the unit between fans and players Sober said in an interview with picture TV.

Gimmick had recently confirmed and declared appropriate media reports, so far he had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus because possible long-term sequences are not yet foreseeable. Then it had given criticism from soccer, but also from politics to German international.

After contact with double-vaccinated but nevertheless infected DFB teammates Niklas Sure, Gimmick had to go in quarantine last week. The World Cup qualifiers against Liechtenstein (9: 0) and Armenia (4: 1) had missed the 26-year-old.

Markus Söder speaks of Corona Apocalypse

Sober emphasized the Brisbane of the current corona situation in the interview. If 10 is the Apocalypse, we are at 9. For we remember how the hospitals are complete. This is partly a more difficult situation than we had in the other waves, explained the CSU boss.

Sober realized: If we, like other countries — such as Spain or Portugal — had very strongly vaccinated, then we would not have this situation in the hospitals.

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As long as we have no general vaccinations, everyone decides personally. But this personal decision has followed that everyone has to wear for themselves, said Sober. And this decision also concerns others, through the contagion option. The vaccine must be higher in the population.

Sober also pleaded to examine as soon as possible the approval of duffs. These could have a higher acceptance, said the politician who also encouraged a notification of Corona drugs. We have to do everything to act as soon as possible, Sober demanded.