Microsoft s next-gen console is largely out of print, but available to date on the Xbox All-Access subscription. We inform you here about the price and availability of Xbox Series X.

With Xbox All Access you can check out more recently in Germany an Xbox X Series with a Game Pass Ultimate membership save and pay off over 24 months as a collective contract. The offer is currently available at Cyberpunk, should however be available at other shops in the future:

Buy Xbox Series X at Cyberpunk in All-Access subscription

Buying Xbox Series X in 2021

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Xbox Series X Buy: Online shops Overview

The Xbox Series X is sought to be strong and most of the time sold. But time and again, see small sell-offs take place at various retailers.

As always, Keep in mind the listed below shops and attacks quickly when the Xbox Series X is available. The Xbox S Series, however, is easier to find and can be ordered currently still in some shops.

Amazon and Otto guide you to other Xbox product, the Xbox Series X should not currently be available.

Xbox Series X for 499 euros:

Xbox Series X at Amazon (currently out of stock)
Xbox Series X at Eugenics (currently sold out)
Xbox Series X at Mediamarkt (currently sold out)
Xbox Series X at OTTO (currently sold out)
Xbox Series X at Saturn (currently out of stock)

Xbox Series S order:

Xbox Series S at Amazon for reduced €264,90
Xbox Series S at Cyberpunk for 289.00 Euro
Xbox Series S at Eugenics for 299.00 Euro
Xbox Series S at Mediamarkt for 289.99 euros
Xbox Series S in gasoline for 289 euros
Xbox Series S at Saturn for 289.99 euros

All other information about the price, release and design of the Xbox Series X found in our review article.

In our video we show you all the important information about the Xbox Series X | S:

Xbox Series X Order: Accessories for Xbox Series X

So you can get the best out of the Microsoft Next Gen consoles, you need of course the right accessories. We show you here what accessories article you have should for your Xbox and Xbox Series X Series S on the screen.

Xbox accessories

Xbox Series X controller at Amazon for 64.99 euros
Seagate memory expansion card Xbox Series X | S 1 TB SSD, NVMe extension SSD at Amazon for 205.00 Euro
Xbox Play & Charge kit at Saturn for 22.38 euros (sold to date)

To admire the graphics power of the Xbox Series X in all its beauty, you need of course a corresponding 4K TVs — such as these three excellent TVs:

TV for the Xbox Series X

LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) at Amazon (currently out of stock)
Samsung LED 4K Q80T (65 inches) at Amazon (currently sold out)
Sony KD-55xH9005 LED TV (55 inches) at Mediamarkt for 829 Euro

Xbox Series X Order: Waiting for Console Bundles

Unfortunately, We have no console bundles with the Xbox Series X available — but this is expected to change with time. Once the Xbox Series X can be subscribed again and the first console bundles are available, we will introduce you here.

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