[Eye News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Ensuing (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyundai) released a multi-platform game Grander released on the Japanese market.

Grander is the first project of Expose, launching Japan in January this year, and as it looks at 300 days of service, it will expand its full-fledged global service.

To this end, the company announced the game in the local game, such as disclosing the teaser page, and participating in the Japanese showcase and the pre-reservation event and participating in the Tokyo Game Show 2021.

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In addition, we have exceeded 4 million people who are the most pre-reserved books of the domestic games released in Japan, and after the downloading of the last 17th, we have been ranked as the first place in the local App Store download ranking first.

Gameplay is responsible for Japanese services, a game of 100% subsidiary of Spell. The company is a policy that strives to be recognized in Japan after a collaboration with the master of 160 local Sung Yeo-jin and the Japanese game industry, such as Shimmer Yoko,

Meanwhile, Grander won the excellence and technology creative (planning, scenario), recognized the game property, such as a vast world view and a highly completed scenario in the Korean game target of the 17th.