Part, the Bis subsidiary Net Investment Documentary CEO held a way to develop a more stable and fast game server to a more stable and fast game server development method in Becky Conference Hall on the 18th, Just 2021.

First, the representative explains the server configuration and operation of the current game type. He needed another server structure for each game genre, and I heard a method of building a server of single mobile and MO (multiplayer game). Easily telling the way to utilize the server is that it depends on the game genre.

Next, we explained the server-related issues that occur after the service open. The delegate is a server crash that is disconnected from the game server, the server is not directly processed by the server, and the server is not directly processed, and the server that the server performs, and the server to perform the work is jagged, and the server, However, it lists various sudden situations that cause uncomfortable, such as server malfunction, which is strangely derived, and client behavior, such as the client behavior that is out of the development of the developer.

These server issues induce difficulties in carrying out in-house testing, and said that they are further caused by slowing game development. And he added that he needs to build a stable server environment as long as it can adversely affect the use of the contents of gamers using the server.

He then talked about the solution of the server issue described above. If the server team lacks information about the game system and content, the server could be difficult, and that the server team should provide detailed information about the game so that the server team can simplify the server design. Also, Through the behavior of providing information, we would be able to create more efficient server-related tasks.

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Finally, the faith of the ship introduced its programs Proud Net 2, which can help developers with developers. A description of the Debugger program that has decided to stop the server to resolve the server issue, which is a program that can solve the bug without stopping the server without stopping the server. Applying it to the game will result in a word that it is not necessary to close and check the server for most problems. In addition, there are many functions that can quickly analyze and resolve the cause of various problems.

Proud Net 2 is expected to be released between 2022 and 2022, and beta versions can be used for free until full release.