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On November 18, OG confirmed something that was spoken of at The International : The future of Sébastien CEB debs. He maintained the Role of Offline from the Cinderella story that was The International 8, where he won it to PSG.led in a great ending electrifying.

The history of CEB begins around 2012, although without the success of Majors and first level competitions. One of him was Team Shakira, before moving to Sigma.int in 2013. He even had a short step in Alliance in 2013, and then have appearances in analysis tables. For 2016, OG required the services of him as a coach and was a key piece in his victories in Majors. Although he also played on the court as a substitute, replacing Roman Resolut1on Romano after the departure of him in March 2018.

Together with OG, C-raised the Aegis of Champions twice. A feat that nobody has been able to replicate, putting his name in the history of the competitive of Data 2. However, despite wanting a third Aegis, things were not as expected at The International 10. Team Spirit eliminated the defending champion for Eventually take the pretend.

Goodbye OG.Ceb — Legend RETIRES from Dota

Certainly, things did not look very encouraging for 2022. CEO had a detachment on the retina of his eye, requiring surgery that put on the rope, his participation in Romania. Fortunately, things seem to have come out as expected and the French-Lebanese militated next to his teammates. However, this played a very important role in the announcement of November 18.

Through an official statement, OG announced that CEB will not play competitively. 2. The 29-year-old professional admitted that he no longer has the mentality of win or lose that boosted him. An important factor: CEB is never committed if he is not sure that he will give everything to himself.

While I could feel it, I kept going, when I realized that this [your passion] was not so strong with this group, maybe it was a sign to evaluate sacrifices and decide if it was worth it or not, the French-Lebanese elaborated. Even my body is being hurt by it [His career of him]. And I have to pay attention to what he tells me. As much as he has given this game, I can not do it more, he finished.

In this way, three of the five members who shouted Brampton are out of the ring. Of the two remaining, Topics Markka Top son Taavitsainen could give the surprise since he talked about wanting to dedicate time to his family. At the time of publishing the note, there are no details about the possible reinforcements of OG.