The PlayStation Store today started its great Black Friday Sale, which should run until November 29th. Among the numerous offers for PS4 and PS5 you will find many large AAA hits, including some from 2021. In this article, we focus on the prelude to these large and current titles and introduce you to some highlights. Later we will look out a few of the insider tips. The overview of all Deals DES Black Friday Sales can be found here:

Black Friday Sale in PlayStation Store: Among the offers


The right game for: all who want a good football game with current Saigon data.

Not so good for: all who expect big innovations.

Gamer score: 80 points (PS5)

FIFA 22 she gets in the Black Friday Sale in the PS4 version for 41.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros and in the PS5 version for 55.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros. The Ultimate Edition for PS4 and PS5 also gives it cheaper, namely for 64.99 euros full 69.99 euros.

News depending on version: The PS4 version of FIFA 22 brings more detail improvements compared to its predecessor. One of the biggest innovations is the Creation A team mode in which you can create your own team as the name implies. At the PS5 version, there are other changes from the better graphic, for example, the new machine learning, through which the I learns from your actions over time and adjusts its way of playing it.

Customs: FIFA 22 otherwise offers pretty much all modes and game elements that you already know from the previous year. At street football, there is now even a new arcade variant in which you have to prove you in different mini-games. However, something has also been reduced: There are 16 national teams less than last year, from Africa no team is left. Meanwhile, nothing changed at the microtransactions in Ultimate Team mode.

Conclusion: Huge improvements do not bring FIFA 22 in its PS4 version, but after all, it will keep some useful supplements that make it a slightly better game compared to its predecessor. Whether the purchase is worthwhile, but ultimately also depends on how important you are the current Saigon data. The PS5 version, however, makes a bigger jump. If you already have the new console, you should therefore resort to this version.

FIFA 22 from €41,99 in the PlayStation Store

Resident Evil Village

The right game for: all who want a horror shooter at a high level of production.

Not so good for: All who expect a classic Resident Evil.

Gamer score: 87 points

Resident Evil 8 costs only 30.09 euros instead of 69.99 euros. You get both the PS4 and the improved PS5 version.

Romanian vampires: Resident Evil Village is the eighth part of the famous survival horror series. It concludes the story of the predecessor Resident Evil 7: A few years after Ethan Winters escaped from the house of the Bakers, he wants to live a quiet life with his wife. However, when your child is kidnapped, Ethan has to go on the search that leads him to a Romanian mountain village. Here he meets among others on was wolves and vampires.

More Action: In addition to the protagonist, the first-person perspective was also adopted by its predecessor. Nevertheless, a lot has changed: The horror content has been significantly reduced, Resident Evil 8 is mostly slightly scarier than really frightening. There is much more action for this, sometimes Village is almost like an ego shooter. But there are quite a few places where we feel weak and helpless and seek our salvation in the flight. Even quiet exploration sections are still included.

Conclusion: From a classic Resident Evil Village is farther away as Resident Evil 7. Finally, we are not only in the Eiberspecutt, the horror was returned, and we get to do it for the series of untypical opponents. But all this does not change the fact that Resident Evil 8 is an excellent ruse game with high production quality and great staging. If you do not interfere with that it is more of an action than a survival game, you do not go wrong here.

Resident Evil Village (PS4, PS5) instead of €69,99 for €30,09 in the PlayStation Store

Far Cry 6

The right game for: all who just want to cry anymore.

Not so good for: all, which expect a significant further development.

Gamer rating: 78 points

The beginning of October for PS4 and PS5 released first-person Shooter Far Cry 6 is in the Black Friday Sale for 48.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros.

Revolution in the Caribbean: Far Cry 6 sends us to a strongly reminiscent of Cuba Caribbean Island called Yard, on which we connect the resistance to the dictator Anton Castillo. The variety of weapons as well as driving and aircraft, which we can serve us, also invites you to experiment in Far Cry 6. Well-balanced, however, the different procedures are not. As soon as you have found a few good weapons, the frontal attack is often easier than sneaking or refined attack plans.

Gun play and side tasks: Significantly improved the gun play compared to its predecessor. For example, if arm breast bolt opponents go back far, that feels very satisfying. In addition, the crafting was more believed in the game world this time. The main story alone is about 20 hours, but besides, there are busy activities such as car races, cock fights and bandits missions. These are more and more successful, but do not bring a variety to the game.

Conclusion: Far Cry 6 does not very much different from his predecessors. Although some things have been improved, like something the gun play, crafting and of course the graphics. Other but also has sometimes become worse, such as balancing. Since we are very powerful very quickly, trying out the much equipment unfortunately makes little sense. Ultimately, Far Cry 6 is still a typical Far Cry. Therefore, fans of the series are therefore likely to come back to their costs.

Far Cry 6 instead €69,99 for €48,99 in the PlayStation Store

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

The right game for: all who want to have a well-staged solo adventure with sympathetic team members.

Not so good for: all who like to have a little freedom of movement.

Gamer rating: 81 points

The Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy published only at the end of October costs €45.49 for PS4 and PS5 instead of 69.99 euros.

A great team: Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy is a single player adventure in which we take over the role of the spaceship captain Peter Star-Lord Quill, but are also constantly accompanied by the other four team members. The funny, but also multi-layered characters as well as the extensive discussions that lead you on the go, are among the highlights of the game, also thanks to the excellent voice acting. Generally, the game starts the atmosphere of the template very well.

Action with Adventure elements: In the fighting, the other team members act mostly independently, but their special attacks do they only on our command. We often need to make use of these attacks when we want to survive. Outside the fighting, Guardians of the Galaxy almost reminds of an adventure in Telltale style: There are small puzzles, spectacularly staged Quick Time Events and multiple-choice dialogues. The levels are very linear, just now, and then you can explore side paths.

Conclusion: Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy is a great single player adventure with which not only fans of template may have fun. You just have to be aware that it is a very linear action game. But Guardians of the Galaxy also manages to put his history, his locations and especially the Guardians themselves very well. The approximately 18 hours playing time will become a thrilling experience.

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy instead €69,99 for € in the PlayStation Store

More offers in Black Friday Sale (selection):

Back 4 Blood instead €69,99 for €48,99
Return (PS5) instead of €79,99 for €59,99
Death loop (PS5) instead of €69,99 for €34.99
Diablo 2: Resurrected instead of €39,99 for €29.99
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade (PS5) instead of €79,99 for €53.59
The Last of US Part II instead of €39,99 for €19,99
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold was (PS4) instead of €69,99 for €34.99
Cyberpunk 2077 instead of €49,99 for €24,99

Assassins Creed Valhalla instead €69.99 for €34.99
Resident Evil 3 instead of €59,99 for €17,99

Black Friday Sale in PlayStation Store: Among the offers