As he looks like: as a beauty that robs the viewer the breath, we did not perceive the Kenya. But that does not mean that he looks Fad or even failed. The shape just follows the function. In the best Škoda tradition, the Czechs also create a lot of space in their first purely electrical model of new type. And thats why the Kenya is less the SUV than that it is multiply apostrophe, but rather a crossover mix with elements from the van. Not omitted Škoda has on the brand-typical grille, which is of course masquerade and shows combatant together with closer inspection.

Like VW ID.3 / ID.4, Audi Q4 E-TRON and CAPRA BORN, the Kenya is constructed from the Groups modular electric kit (MEB) of the Group. Correlation, he finds above all in ID.4, but over which he stretches out by seven centimeters and thus brings it to a stately length of 4.65 meters. Within the Škoda program, this approaches approximately the Octavia or the Kodiak.

As it is set up: Beautifully than the ID.4, firstly less plastic and secondly means a classic approach to interior design. In our test car, which did not act around the basic model, we found not only on the well-contoured seats, but also on the instrument carrier leather with color-resistant decorative seams before, further piano varnish, chromed details and wood decoration. The driver information display does not grow from the instrument carrier, but is integrated in the same. According to todays standards, however, it is quite small (5.3 inches), only the most important information supplies and can only be configured individually.

On the other hand, a size is the 13-inch touchscreen whose content is intuitive, charging menu and pre-climatization included. Only one back button we would like to have seen — to get back to another area, must be selected every time the detour via the home button. Among the ventilation nozzles, some direct buttons have saved from the analog world and contribute there to uncomplicated usability.

Cockpit Layout: Central element is the equipment-dependent up to 13 inches of large touchscreen. Manufacturer

A lot has been written about the slider for temperature and volume control, and rightly with Grimm. Even the Kenya does her users, they like to use them barely, but rather back to the acoustic fine-tuning on the rotary roller back on the steering wheel.

The smartphone invites you inductive and can be integrated wirelessly via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Mirror Link, and optionally there is a Head-up display with augmented reality representation.

We do not want to forget the indication of the imaginative Simply-Clever details, which Gits Škoda its Ströer: Also would be the umbrella in the storage compartment of the front doors, the removable use in the center console, the smartphone pockets on the back of the front seats, The ice scrapers in the tailgate cladding or the charging cable cleaner.

How much space he has: The Kenya is the functional place deer among the electric cars, in the truest sense of the word. He only lets him lie because he departs movable back seats and a Frank (an additional loading roof) under the front hood. Otherwise, we have consistently praised: for the comfortable entry and exit, the airy place for head and feet as well as for the large trunk, which already holds 585 liters for upright rear seat lathes. If you work around (which is also possible from the luggage compartment), 1710 liters result. Under the loading floor, an additional, divided subject opens, here then the charging cables can withdraw. The low loading edge for the cross does not suffer from the freight.

On request, the tailgate opens electrically. And for further transport tasks, a pivotable trailer coupling with electrical unlocking can be ordered. This is also interesting for those who want to bury a bike carrier to the Kenya.

Crossover: The tail completion is reminiscent of that of a van. Manufacturer

What drives it: The Škoda system couples the various battery levels to different power levels of the electric drive. At Kenya IV 80, the team consists of a lithium-ion battery with 77 kWh usable power and a 150 kW / 204 hp electric motor, which produces a torque of 310 Newton meters and acts on the rear wheels.

Alternatively, the variants IV 50 (52 kWh, 109 kW / 148 hp), IV 60 (58 kWh, 132 kW / 180 hp) and the four-wheel-enyaq IV 80x (77 kWh, 195 kW / 265 hp) with second electric motor are available the front axle ready.

How it drives: light on, unfolded mirrors, doors unlocked — the Kenya staged a welcome ceremony when his driver or his driver approaches with griffbereitem key. In the vehicle, one must then set this aside, for it is no more needed as the start button right on the steering column. Sensors ability to sense when the driver seat is occupied, then it is sufficient to set the switching stub to D or R, and to actuate the accelerator pedal.

The 204 hp, which are available to the up to 2.3-ton vehicle to put in motion feel on the road set in, as it suggests the paper. As an athlete, the Kenya therefore not profiled. But as a stress eater, whose domain is the quiet, just as supple as relaxed cruising. In spontaneous and direct response hardly a combustor can keep up. Tempobolzerei Verona of intent on obtaining Range E Car Driver anyway, that the top speed to 160 km / h was limited, so do not bother. Curvaceous terrain presents no difficulty, however, is likely the stiff suspension road damage swallow some sovereign.

The electronic driving assistants from the lane departure warning about the Einparkautomatik to traffic sign recognition function reliably, the latter expanding its information in the actions of the cruise one. Annoyed us only the emergency brake assistant, who wanted to interpret a gutter stubbornly as an obstacle.

Recuperation can be either via paddles on the steering wheel or the gear B, with activated Eco Wizard then brakes the vehicle depending on the situation, to charge the battery, the Navigate will be used there.

Fast charging: The update from 50 to 125 kW, however, costs 500 euros extra. Manufacturer

As far as he is: 536 km, promises the data sheet. Big words. Has in late autumn temperatures and under a section profile that from urban, suburban and highway driving composed with cautious pace, we were granted at best, 390 km. Moving the Kenya only operate urban, where low speed is provided, and it can recuperate particularly effective are likely to more than 400 kilometers in it be, the standard value appears to us but also not be achievable.

What it consumes: On average 20.9 kWh. For a car of this size and weight is a decent value.

As it loads: At the AC wall box or -LaSalle the Kenya operated with up to 11 kW, the charging process takes six to eight hours to complete. The DC quick charging power defaults to 50 kW. Unfortunately, the necessarily recommended 125-kW charger costs extra charge, 500 euros to be invested. It remains subject to the iV80 and the previous 80x. Range just under 40 minutes in order to bring the battery from 5 to 80 percent of their capacity.

In Kenya purchase price, the so-called Power Pass card is included for the first three years, consisting of an app and an RFID card and allows access to more than 260,000 charging stations within the EU, including those of fast-charging network UNITY. Refueling can be to a transparent market price, as they say.

The navigation system applies in a planned route charging stops with one and suggests the appropriate stations.

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What it offers: Standard is the Kenya previous 80 among other things, dual zone climate control, heated leather steering wheel with shift paddles, electrically adjustable, heated and folding exterior Auenspiegeln, 13-inch infotainment, traffic sign recognition, rear camera, driving profile selection, over support including Turn-off, front radar Assist with city emergency braking, cruise control, lane departure warning and 19-inch alloy wheels. That still leaves room for desirable extras. The sensible heat pump costs about 1,150 euros, the air conditioning Basic with heated seats and three-zone climate control 460 euros, the Infotainment Basic with Navy 750 euros, the package Light and Vision Basic with LED matrix headlights and high-beam assistant 1,280 euros, the driving assistance plus package with adaptive distance and traffic jam assistant and lane changes and Ausparkassistenten 1,050 euros.

Makes long: The Kenya brings it to an outside dimension of 4.65 meters. Manufacturer

What it costs: From 43,950 euros. Our test car with (now not-available) First Edition equipment package and a few other extras such as leather trim and pearl effect paint came to 57,500 euros.

ŠKODA ENYAQ iV SUV: Rapid DC Charging

What we mean: The Kenya translates the typical Škoda virtues into the electrical. Plenty of space, high-quality finish, many functional details. The sufficiently strong drive also convinces as well as the consumption and the range, which is not outstanding, but with which — even thanks to the fast charging power — the long line can be easily unfilled. A two-car with burner does not need it anymore in view of this total package. Anyone who orders the big 77 kWh battery and the most important extras must also take a lot of money for the electrical driving in Škoda.

The data of the Škoda Kenya IV 80

Power 150 kW / 204 hp, max. Torque 310 nm at 600 / min, battery type lithium-ions, capacity 82 kWh gross, 77 kWh net kW / h, charging port type 2 (three-phase, up to 11 kW) and CCS (up to 50 kW, 125 kW for a surcharge), tip 160 km / h, Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h in 8.7 sec, range WLTP 534 km, standard consumption 15.6 – 15.8 kWh / 100 km, Test consumption 20.9 kWh, CO2 emission 0 g / km, Energy efficiency class A +++, length 4.65 m, width 1.88 m, height 1.62 m, trunk 585 – 1710 l, empty weight 2107 – 2308 kg, Permissible total weight 2540 – 2649 kg, Payload 416 – 575 kg, max. Trailer load unbaked 750 kg, slowed down 1000 kg. Automatic 1-speed gearbox, rear drive. Insurance type classes 13 (km), 21 (VK), 22 (TK). Price from 43,950 euros.