A 24-hour epee and Shield Pokémon epee is passed from 6:30 am Pacific Advanced Time. The flow, for the most part, took place without incident. The Creek Camera is locked in a place, showing only the spectators of a mysterious forest area with giant and brilliant mushrooms.

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Throughout the creek, a mysterious horse, Pokémon, has made sporadic appearances. The viewers have only a brief overview of the Pokémon and this one is never completely visible. There is enough evidence to suggest that the Pokémon horse is actually a Malaria form from Pony ta.

Pony ta was one of the first 151 rouge and blue Pokémon, the first games of the Pokémon series. Pony ta is a Pokémon horse covered with flames. Despite this, normal humans can always pilot it, as Ash did in the anime.

A recent identification of the mysterious Pokémon horse confirms the fact that it is Pony ta. Serbia was able to get a screenshot of this last observation, which we use as a header image. The image of Serbia is blurred, but you can always know that the new Pokémon has the shape of a horse. In addition, Pokémons mysterious mane looks like Pony tas fire. In general, it looks a lot like Pony ta, confirming almost completely that it is the normal Pony ta Malaria form.

GALAR PONYTA CONFIRMED?! New Pokemon Shown in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Glimwood Tangle 24 Hour!

There was also a previous observation of this mysterious Pokémon, showing him briefly brilliant. Most of the observations of Pokémon have diluted shadows and colors. However, during this first observation, the Pokémon horse was astonished and radiated from bright colors. This has led the viewers to assume that this Poppy PoNe ta potential would be a type of fairy, since the fairies are associated with femininity and that the arches and bright colors are often stereotyped as girls.

In addition, Rapid ash, the scalable form of Pony ta, has a horn on the forehead similar to a unicorn. Unicorns are often associated with mythical powers similar to fairies, so the connection makes sense.

Updated: Around 23h Pacific time, we finally had a complete view of the new Pokémon. It has been shown that it worked with casualness, showing that it was a Pokémon based on unicorn. The Pokémon still looks great at Pony ta, although it is not 100% confirmed if it is the Malaria form of Pony ta or not.

Serbia provided a new image featuring this brand-new Pokémon. This image of Serbia is what we used for the header image.