Other trainers might have stood despair — not so Marco Antwerp. That seemed even pleased to find the abusive situation. We took that as a challenge and had a great mood in the final training on Friday. I have to say that it was a lot of fun today to send a troop to the square, with which hardly any expects, the 50-year-old reported after The 1: 0 success over the SV Wiesbaden.

With goalkeeper Mather RAAF, Kevin Kraus, Philipp Teacher, Jean Room and Muhammed Spirit missed five potential actors for the starting element due to flu infections or corona infections. With René Hindenburg (muscle ferries) and Felix Got (after infection on the bank), the health situation of two other service providers tightened the staff situation. But thats right, if pretty much everything talks about the FCC, the Palatine will defy all adversities in this season. The draw in double short-mentioned in derby against Mannheim was the first strong proof of the work will and the moral of the troupe, the second document followed on Saturday.

The big advantage over the competition

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But it is also the luxury of the broad squad, which can rely on the Antwerp. The second guard of the four-time German champion almost consistently has the potential for the service provider in the 3rd league — not many competitors can assert the same. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy in which form the coaching team succeeds in integrating the numerous new players into the weekly well-built and functioning structure.

Kenny Prince Redmond is there to take out. Between performance and reality, the 27-year-old long gaped a big gap. But as a scorer at Derby in Saarbrücken and as one of the best louder against the SHOW, the offensive player knew to convince for the second time in a row. If the ball-safe and end-fast Redmond gets this power constant on the lawn, it is a real enrichment. The Konstanz is required to start with him already in the past season.

Also hip, Chad and Spain are right

Also, StartTelfdebütant Maximilian Hippie in the Defense Center, Dominik Chad, who was always set in front of his calf legged in the past season, and ex-Stemkeeper Aldo Spain — all carried their part on Saturday for the seventh season win. We told us all the week over and over again that we believe in us as long as we get eleven people in the place. It has again seen everyone went to his pain threshing and also beyond. All who at Sitting us in the cabin, have the claim to play, emphasized winning scorer Marlon Knight.

ARES RACES Training 9 July 2020
Except for fourth place the traditional club is now climbed, the false start to the season seems to forget. But with that you are not satisfied on the Heisenberg. Anyone who listens the words of knight who knows where to go where the journey should go: We have to look now that we continue to make ground as soon as possible, thats week after week our goal.