In the fine Champions League Schwarz forward, Florian Krefeld turned on Monday morning to travel to his first away game in the football royal class.

As still undefeated coaches of the VFL Wolfsburg, the 39-year-old the machine at Braunschweig Airport, which brought him and the VFL-Tross into Spanish Andalusia, where on Tuesday evening (21:00 oclock / Amazon Prime) the FC Seville is the opponent.

On Wednesday, Krefeld returns to Lower Saxony on Wednesday, the chances are very good that the green-whites in the Champions League reach the K.O.-Round. But even in the case of his first defeat as a coach of the Wolfsburg, the VFL would still have the chance to make the progress perfect at home against OSC Lille at home.

Balanced Wolfs burger Group

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Because in none of the eight preliminary round groups is as tight as in the VFL Wolfsburg. Krefelds predecessor Van Rommel already had that prophesied immediately after the draw. There are certain groups that are heavier. But the three other clubs also know, said the Dutch. In a group with Lille, Seville, Salzburg and us everyone can beat it. That makes it so dangerous. This group is very balanced.

And in fact, in the group G two games days before the end is still open. Above all, the surprising victory of Lille in Seville ago three weeks ago, the starting point has once again pointed. Salzburg (7 points), Lille (5), Wolfsburg (5) and Seville (3) — Everyone from this quartet still has the chance to reach the secondary finals.

The Wolfsburg will have to be significantly increased compared to the 2: 2 at Armenia Bielefeld on Saturday. The first hour was not good, Krefeld acknowledged unwound. But the last half hour was in many ways football, for which people like to come to the stadium and the tense clear from the pace was at what we had introduced.

Wolves striker Mecca confident

Out Warehouse and Lukas Mecca, with their two hits, were still for a draw and clarified that the Studio under Krefeld is getting better. Defrost ended with his goal his Dusty, new international Mecca has so far met at Krefeld in every game. We find ourselves better and better, said Mecca, who flew full of confidence to Seville. I think we have a team that is good enough to score there, said the 22-year-old.

Whether Captain Josh Guilavogui can help, was still unclear when departing. The defense director lacked in Bielefeld for calf problems, but felt better on Monday. Renato Steffen, who got a blow to the calf in Bielefeld.