In the popular Netflix series Arcane, you meet many characters from the League of Legends universe. Some of them are lol-champions, others are minor characters. Which of which do you like most?

This is Arcane: With its Arcane series, which plays in the League of Legends universe, the developer Riot has landed a hit on Netflix. So it was in 38 countries on Netflix and received a rating of fabulous 9.4 on IMDb.

Arcane SPOILER Review - Characters RANKED, Arcane Season 2 - Netflix 2021

The series revolves around the events in the shiny city of Plover, in the technology, trade and wealth together. The city, however, has a dark side named Hash, which is located below Plover and where the poor and exploited life.

As it belongs to a series, you will meet many characters there with their own motives and backgrounds. Some of them will recognize them because they already had their performance as Champions in League of Legends. Others are new, but not less important for the act.

And while in the center of the event the two sisters VI and Jinx stand, there is still a long list of other characters that may have grown to the heart in the course of the series. And exactly those interested. What are your top 3?

You can vote: In the survey tool below you can vote on your favorite characters from Arcane. You can choose your personal top 3, but considers that the choice can not be reversed. So think about you who gets your voices from the characters.

So tell us: Which of the many characters in Arcane did you like most? Why did you become your favorite characters? Is your choice hard, or can you tell immediately which 3 characters are the best for you? Write it to us in the comments.

This is how Arcane continues: After the release of the last action arc of the series, Riot announced in a teaser trailer directly the second season of Arcane.

There is not a release date yet, but the fans will probably have to wait awhile on the next season. All previous information can be found in our article for announcement:

Netflix Series Arcane confirms Season 2 — First Notes on Release