Battlefield 2042 You have not had the launch I expected. The title of Electronic Arts arrived less than a week ago to shops, but its current state has not convinced the players, who have placed it between the worst sets of Steam’s story despite the study’s efforts Development for solving problems with the first updates.

Precisely from the study we have to talk, since says has lost an important figure recently. As NGC has been able to know, Nazi Mesmer has abandoned the project and the company, after exercising as head of design of the Battlefield franchise and others as important as Star Wars Battlefront.

It has been a real pleasure to be part of the best teams of this galaxy, he has written in an email that he has sent to the rest of the team. The incredible design work you do is inspiring me every day, thank you for having faith in me, I hope not been disappointed.

I have an offer from another company that I have not been able to refuse Nazi Mesmer in the email is commented that the main reason for which he has made the decision of him is because he is march to another company after receiving An irreparable offer. In addition, it appreciates that this company has waited for Lasted Battlefield 2042, which has qualified as a historical landmark for him.

The last day of Mesmer in says will be this Friday, November 26, and it seems that, in the absence of a successor, his abandonment of the position he occupied since 2019 would not have too harmful effects for the plans that he has EA with the title In the short and medium term, you have to approach the correction of multiple errors.

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