Mark’s Sch opp (birthed February 22, 1974, in Graz) is a previous Austrian football player as well as today’s trainer on the setting of the right offensive midfielder.

Welder Bremen has found the successor for the resigned head coach Markus beginning.

What On Earth Is Going On At Werder Bremen?

As the North Germans announced on Sunday afternoon, how accepted Ole Werner takes over the office. Besides Werner, his co-trainer Patrick Kuhlmann also changes with immediate effect to Bremen.

Ole is a young, exciting and very good coach who fits very well with his idea soccer to play very well. He wants to take our way to build a young, development-capable team, absolutely going on. He has successfully worked in Kiel as Chief Trainer, knows The 2nd league and will find itself fast as North Germans in Bremen, said Werder-Ole Werners Director Frank Baumann.

Already on Monday, the new coach should initially conduct the training of the Hansen. In the afternoon, Werner will be officially presented at the Weber.

In the talks, it was immediately noticeable that there is the same view of playing and working on both sides. That convinced me that Welder is the right task for me. Welder stands for a courageous and offensive playing style and for a closed With each other. These are things I can identify well and where I will bring myself. I am scary to get started with the team and fighting to fight, Werner said.

Welder Bremen: Trainer Chaos after initial resignation

At the beginning was at Welder last weekend because of the urgent suspicion for the use of a fake vaccine pasOle Werner resigned from his item. Against the FC Schalke 04 (1: 1), then the previous co-trainer Daniel Djokovic had sat on the bench.

At the 1: 2 bankruptcy in Kiel on Saturday, U19 coach Christian Brand acted as an interim coach, as Cenozoic had been tested positively on Corona in the meantime.

Werner had led Kiel to the Bundesliga relegation last summer, but there ended his activity after a weak start of the season in September. He was considered an absolute wish candidate Welder in finding a start successor.

On Saturday, both the Bremen managed and Kiel’s Managing Director We Stover in the Personalis had still been kept.